Do you own or did you order a Ferrari?
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Do you own or did you order a Ferrari?
Register and gain access to the Owners' section, where you will find all the services dedicated you.

Ferrari Owners' Club of Hong Kong

Ferrari Club of Hong Kong

Ferrari Club of Hong Kong

The history of our Club dates back to 1987 when a group of Ferrari owners in Hong Kong gathered together to form a club whose aim was to share their passion for the Prancing Horse. Over the past 25 years, the Club has grown organically from a handful of Ferrari owners into a large group of Ferraristi with numerous activities throughout the year. The Ferrari Owners’ Club is officially recognized by and is a chapter of Ferrari S.p.A.’s International Ferrari Club.

As one would expect from a car enthusiast club, our members are passionate about driving. Many of the Club’s activities revolve around driving our (mostly) red cars from Maranello, Italy. The Club organize regular drives into China, overseas drives, track days and driving clinics. While it is the love of our Prancing Horses that bond our members together, social events is what the Club is about. The Club provides our members and their families a platform to make new Ferraristi friends through our monthly Sunday breakfast, bi-monthly Formula One Grand Prix lunches or dinners, annual dinners and many other events organised by the Club. The Club has a strong social conscience and we run charity days where our members share the joy of driving in a Ferrari with others.

Let’s have fun, and as they say in Italy, Forza Ferrari!

Ferrari Owners’ Club of Hong Kong

club details

Ferrari Club of Hong Kong

FOC name Ferrari Owners' Club of Hong Kong
Foundation 1987
Number of members 170 MEMBERS IN 2014
Address Unit C, 1/F, 2 Yuen Shun Circuit Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, New Territories Hong Kong
Phone/Fax (+852) 2566 3998
E-mail secretary@fochk.com
Website www.fochk.com
President Mr TORNOW Peter
The executive board includes: (in alphabatical order)
Treasurer Mr LAM Jackson
Secretary Mr TONG Joey
Legal Advisor Mr WONG David
Other members for the Board of Directors
Mr ROSA David
Ms LI Margaret
Mr LEE Wilfred
Mr LAU William - Auto Italia Limited Representative


Peter Tornow

First of all I would like to thank you for your support during the past year 2014. Especially since the club was without a President, a Hon. Treasurer and a Hon. Secretary at the helm but was run by a seven members committee. I believe that the committee incl. our club secretary Ms Visenne Sit did a tremendous job organising several successful events.During last Sunday’s AGM you did elect a new Executive Committee and all of them including myself would like to thank you very much for your trust and support.The composition of the Executive Committee for 2015 is set out below:

President: Peter Tornow
Hon. Treasurer: Jackson Lam
Hon. Secretary: Joey Tong

Committee Members:
David Rosa
Margaret Li
Wilfred Lee
Jackie Chan

Legal Advisor: David Wong
AIL Representative: William Lau

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I believe we have a very good and strong committee who as a team will make 2015 a very exciting year with lots of activities for you. Besides our monthly breakfast meetings, several activities like charity drives, dinner gatherings and track events plus most of all the Japan Drive are on our list.

But most of all we are a car club and the most important issue in my view is to drive and enjoy our wonderful Ferraris. Accordingly we’ll organise more drives during the coming months to various destinations in Hong Kong. I hope that you all will join us during these events and to make our special club even better and bigger!

See you soon during the next gatherings and please always drive safe!
Best regards and Forza Ferrari,

Peter Tornow