Ferrari Owners' Club Korea

Ferrari Club Korea

Ferrari Club of Korea

March, 2013

1. To share and keep highest value of the culture of Ferrari.
2. To lead the contribution to public welfare by Ferrari owners.
3. To promote close friendship between Ferrari owners.
4. To build knowledge of Ferrari cars and get the best help in maintenance of the vehicle.
5. To understand and enhance Ferrari, the cars of Ferrari and the culture of Ferrari.

Duty and Responsibility

As an owner of Ferrari, we must
1. Maintain the integrity.
2. Lead the contribution to public welfare.
3. Obey traffic regulations and show exemplary driving habit.
4. Keep the car in its best condition.
5. Be an ethical and respectable club member.
6. Not perform any shameful acts (lending & borrowing of money, dispute, crime).
7. Try to spread the culture of Ferrari and keep elegant & humble attitudes.
8. Respect official importing company, official salesperson, official service center and maintain good relationship.
9. Report any illegal use of Ferrari logo and trademarks to Owner’s club member and official importing company.
10. Actively participate to all Ferrari events

club details

Ferrari Club of Korea

FOC name Ferrari Owners' Club Korea
Foundation March, 2013
Number of members 30
Address 456 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Chairman Mr. James Song
Secretary Mr. Tommy Jo
Treasure Tommy Jo
Driving Director Mr. Shngkoo Oh
Membership Shngkoo Oh
Media Director Tommy Jo
Directors Mr. James Song, Mr. Shngkoo Oh, Mr. Tommy Jo
Members Mr. Jungkeun Kim, Mr. Jaebum Seo, Mr. Bumjun Kim, Mr. Youngmin Shin, Mr. Kyuyoung Jung, Mr. Taeyeon Jeon, Mr. Seungbeom Hong, Mr. Jongchoul Cho

the president welcome

Mr. James Song


We are pleased to make the following announcement to the distinguished members of the Ferrari Owners Club of Korea (FOC). Ferrari clubs have been established as a leading leisure and culture club in developed nations all over the world. Recently, Ferrari headquarters has authorized Korea to open an official Ferrari Owners Club of Korea. Unlike other owners clubs, the Ferrari Owners Club of Korea is the “official” and only Ferrari-authorized owners club of Korea. Ferrari only endorses one “official” Ferrari club in each country.

FOC pursuits the high-class culture called “Ferrari Life,” which will represent a new paradigm of high-class culture in Korea. People already enjoy this new culture with FOC and we will do our best to spread and share Ferrari Life. Moreover, our administrators and members will try hard to contribute and give back to our society in as many ways as possible.

Ferrari Club Korea