Ferrari Genuine offers a huge choice of details, accessories and components conceived and manufactured specifically for cars wearing the Prancing Horse badge.


Ferrari Genuine introduces Datarace, the ideal tool for those who want to improve their driving performance. Its technology allows you to film your performance on the track and see your vehicle’s parameters, showing acceleration and lap times in a format inspired by Formula 1 racing. It allows drivers to view acceleration, engine speed, the track map, lap time and position via GPS. The dashboard included in the CAN version acquires the data and displays it directly from the ECU. Thanks to a dedicated software you can download the data onto your computer and synchronize it with the video in order to have a global overview of your performance.

Carbon-fibre side skirts with carbon-fibre turning vanes

Ferrari Genuine carbon-fibre side skirts have been developed with cutting-edge computerized fluid dynamics (CFD) design techniques, and fine-tuned in the wind tunnel in order to optimize the aerodynamics of the underbody. The turning vane plays a crucial role in achieving the high speed downforce required. The use of carbon-fibre combines cosmetic appeal with outstanding technical performance, reducing the overall weight of the car.

458 Speciale carbon-fibre engine compartment components

The carbon-fibre engine compartment components, developed for the 458 Speciale, have been redesigned specifically for the 458 Italia and include the intake plenums and air filter housing. The parts have a dedicated graphic and, from a technological point of view, they stand out for their reduced weight and higher structural stiffness.