Your Ferrari is a dream come true. This is why it deserves only the best protection at all times, in exclusive Ferrari style: elegant car covers for indoor and outdoor use, high grip floor mats for enhanced driving pleasure, anti stone chip film kits to protect the bodywork when on the road,
a battery conditioner and the new Odyssey
battery developed by Ferrari Genuine.

Protective car covers

Your Ferrari is unique, even when resting in the garage after a magical day spent together.  Cocoon your car in an exclusive Ferrari-branded protective car cover: choose between a soft indoor car cover tailored to your model, an all-model indoor car cover in premium Ferrari red silk, and an outdoor car cover offering impeccable protection for your cherished Ferrari. Ferrari Genuine car covers, with an inner anti-scratch lining and featuring the unmistakeable Prancing Horse emblem on the front, are now offered to all Ferrari customers at particularly attractive prices while stocks last.


Tailored specifically for the interior of your car, Ferrari Genuine mats are designed to protect the floor and offer unparalleled comfort while you’re at the wheel. The high grip surface accentuates driving pleasure, while the exclusive embroidered emblem makes them a truly special accessory. A wide choice of colours is also offered, to make your Ferrari even more exclusive.

Anti stone chip kit

Ferrari Genuine offers an anti stone chip kit created to protect the parts of the bodywork that are most exposed to damage when driving. Consisting of a set of clear, highly resilient films tailored to the forms of the car, the price of the kit also includes installation by specialised personnel and a warranty certificate covering material and labour. In addition to the complete kit, a partial kit of films to protect the most critical parts of the car, such wheelhouses, air intakes and the tonneau cover, is also available. As these films are more exposed to wear, they must be replaced more frequently than the films protecting other parts of the body.

Battery conditioner and Long Life battery

Some Ferrari owners choose to drive their beloved car only at special occasions. If you are one of these drivers, use the Ferrari Genuine battery conditioner to keep the battery topped up and in peak condition at all times: with a power limiting system to protect against overheating, the battery conditioner can charge the battery from a minimum of 1.2Ah up to 140Ah, and prevents loss of charge while your Ferrari is resting in the garage. For specific cases where using the battery conditioner is not possible, choose the new Long Life battery optimised by Ferrari Genuine. Tested specifically for the usage profile of a Ferrari customer, this battery features 99.99% pure lead plates.