Ferrari Genuine offers a huge choice of details, accessories and components conceived and manufactured specifically for cars wearing the Prancing Horse badge.

California T 19” painted wheels

These 19” painted, five-spoke wheels are designed specifically for the new Ferrari California T. As an alternative to the standard colour, these wheels are also available in Matte Grey and Matte Corsa Grey finishes.

California T 20” forged wheels

Designed for the new California T, these five-spoke 20” forged alloy wheels reduce the vehicle weight for an improved driving feeling. Available in Silver, Matte Corsa Grey and Diamond Polished finishes.

19” forged California wheels

These 19” five-spoke forged wheels, derived from the Ferrari California, reduce the vehicle’s unsprung weight to guarantee the feeling of being in more direct contact with the road and giving even the most demanding drivers the full taste of the new California T’s racing spirit. In terms of aesthetics the diamond finish gives the wheels a particular brightness that enhances shapes and volumes.

20” Sport-style California wheels

Set of 20” alloy front and rear wheels. The distinctive split five-spoke design is a stylistic reinterpretation of GT championship wheels. The larger diameter and extremely low sidewall enhance the car’s sporty looks, while the diamond polished finish adds a unique luster.

20” HGTE-style California wheels

Designed to create an even more direct connection between the driver and the road, these new 20” wheels combine forging with the five-spoke design of the HGTE package, but evolving this design with a previously unattainable three-dimensional depth to the geometry of the wheel hub and the curvature of the spokes towards the rim. On the road, the result is a wheel with extraordinary lateral stiffness and low inertia: attributes which improve the overall dynamic response of the wheel, allowing faster entry into turns and faster direction changes. Available in Dark Grey and Diamond Polished finishes.

Forged 20” California wheels

The style of the forged five-spoke wheels is given a unique character by the diamond finish of the centers of the spokes and the painted grey concave surfaces. These 20” wheels, derived from the Ferrari California, are lighter than standard wheels in order to maximize the vehicle’s driving performance.