Winter tyres. Perfection, all year long.

Even though Autumn is here, there’s no reason not to drive your Ferrari.
The winter tyres developed by Ferrari Genuine ensure extraordinary performance and safety in all weather conditions, so you can enjoy driving your car all year round.Bring an exhilarating day’s drive in your Ferrari to the perfect conclusion by waxing the bodywork and nourishing the leather upholstery with the Car Care kit, before cocooning the car in an exclusive Ferrari-branded protective car cover.

Winter tyres

Developed specifically for extraordinary grip, the winter tyres developed by Ferrari Genuine let you enjoy driving your Ferrari in complete safety, whatever the weather. The special tyre tread pattern reduces the risk of aquaplaning, while the specific compound formulated for temperatures below 7°C shortens stopping distances by 10% in the rain and by 20% in case of snow.

Car care kits and battery conditioner

After an exhilarating day driving your Ferrari, it’s time to pamper you car to preserve its value and keep it in its original pristine condition. Start off by taking care of your Ferrari with the exclusive Car Care kits, a choice of extremely high quality products that make looking after your car a genuine pleasure. After waxing the bodywork and nourishing the leather upholstery, connect your pride and joy to the Ferrari Genuine battery conditioner to keep the battery topped up and in peak condition: with a power limiting system to protect against overheating, the battery conditioner can charge the battery from a minimum of 1.2Ah up to 140Ah, and prevents loss of charge while your Ferrari is resting in the garage.

Protective car covers

Your Ferrari is unique, even when resting in the garage after a magical day spent together. Cocoon your car in an exclusive Ferrari-branded protective car cover: choose between a soft indoor car cover tailored to you model, an all-model indoor car cover in premium Ferrari red silk, and an outdoor car cover offering impeccable protection for your cherished Ferrari. Ferrari Genuine car covers, with an inner anti-scratch lining and featuring the unmistakeable Prancing Horse emblem on the front of the car, are now offered to all Ferrari customers at particularly attractive prices while stocks last.