A new home for Ferrari in Ireland

As of today, Ferrari in Ireland has a new look. Charles Hurst, the only dealership on the Emerald Isle, has given its Belfast showroom a total makeover according to the corporate identity guidelines set out by the Maranello marque.

Visitors to the showroom will be able to get a feel for the essence of the strongest brand in the world, while admiring the cars in a welcoming environment which reflects its key attributes, through the elegance and style of the materials used, in conjunction with artisanal techniques and the use of light colours, from white to grey, combined with spotlighting to highlight the shape of the cars on show. Within the showroom, there is an even more exclusive area called the Atelier, where customers can create and see, through the use of a sophisticated configurator, their dream Ferrari, choosing materials and colours in exactly the same was as can be done in the Maranello factory.

“The aim of implementing the use of the new corporate identity of the company in all dealerships around the world is to get our customers to live the experience of buying and owning a Ferrari in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere,” commented Matteo Torre, Regional Manager for Ferrari North Europe. “We are pleased to have revealed it today at the Charles Hurst showroom, because we know that there are many enthusiastic customers for the Ferrari brand in Ireland and they will be happy to have new surroundings in which to meet our staff.”