CNN dedicates TV special to Ferrari’s fascination

Maranello, 27 May – The US-American media giant CNN dedicates an over seven minute long special to Ferrari in its TV show “Icon”, discovering the secret behind the Prancing Horse, turning it into one of the most popular brands in the world. On a trip around the premises of the Works in Maranello, accompanied by Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, followed by test drivers with a 458 Italia and a California, the US-network was looking for the answer to the question “What makes a Ferrari a Ferrari?” or better how and why the cars from Maranello became a universal synonym of speed, success and technical perfection.

Journalist Don Riddell tells the viewers how the Works in Maranello are the place where Enzo Ferrari’s dreams continue to become reality, fuelling the passion shared by millions all over the world. “The beauty and the power our cars are able to express are the key,” Montezemolo explains. “Together with the technological aspects and attention for every detail. Our cars are an enthusiastic mix of innovative and classical content.”

A history,” like Vice Chairman Piero Ferrari underlines, “is brought forth especially thanks to the men and women working here every day, passing tradition and values along.” Here CNN adds more elements: the fact that Ferrari is the only team in the world having participated in all Formula 1 World Championships and the technology transfer from the track to the road, like Roberto Fedeli, Technical Director of the GT department, underlines. Last but not least these ingredients come together when the journalist gets behind the wheel on the Fiorano track. A rational analysis is enhanced by exceptional driving pleasure, also thanks to the sonorous and tactile emotions the car is able to enhance. There is only one answer: at Ferrari they build much more than cars, they create ‘dreams’.