Ferraris on ice warming up “their engines”

Maranello (Modena), 12 February 2010 – With the training sessions on the Olympic calendar concluded the Italian National Team will take part in the opening ceremony of the XXI Olympic Winter Games at 6pm (3am in Italy).

In Vancouver the weather might condition the competitions on the agenda: while the temperatures over the last two days were well above zero now there’s snow falling, which will affect the track and the times. The weather forecast foresees rain for Saturday and Sunday.

The first event with the sledges is set for 13 February at 5pm (local time, or 14 February 2am in Italy) with the first men’s single, followed by the bobs for two on 20 February at 5pm (local time, or 2am on 21 February in Italy). The races will be held in Blackcomb, the fastest track in the world, where a speed of 153 km/h can be reached.