Luca di Montezemolo awarded by Automotive News for Ferrari’s results

Paris, 30th September - Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo has been awarded by the prestigious specialist magazine Automotive News with the 2010 Eurostar Superluxury Award, dedicated to the main players in the automotive world, due to his capacity to guide and let Ferrari grow during the world economic crisis.

Automotive News recognised Ferrari’s economic results as the best in the automotive sector, especially considering the operative margin of 13.8% of the revenue, in a year, where the earnings on a worldwide level barely reached single digits and where the competitors’ sales dropped by up to 50%. Automotive News also awarded di Montezemolo for his capacity as Ferrari Chairman in protecting the exclusivity of the Prancing Horse, while being able to choose and weigh up further opportunities for the brand on the market.

The prize-giving ceremony was held last night in Paris during a gala dinner. At the ceremony, other than the above-mentioned reasons, it was underlined, how “Montezemolo’s true passion and Ferrari’s mission remain the same: to build the best sports cars in the world.” Participants at the gala dinner were amongst others Keith Crain, head of Crain Communication, the magazine’s publishing house, and Peter Brown, editorial director of the automotive department.