Acceptance of the treatment of personal data regarding marketing activities.
The user’s subscription to the Site’s newsletter and the participation in marketing and promotional activities by the holders of the data treatment (Ferrari S.p.A. and Triboo S.p.A.) is voluntary, conform to the Art.s 7, 4, b), 130 of law 196/2003 and 58 of law 206/2005. Apart from the received newsletters, chosen by the user, further marketing activities, the user might participate, include:
- implementation by the holders of statistics and market research (par. 1, e of the information);
- user’s participation in events and meetings, also of promotional nature (par. 1, f of the information);
- receipt by the user of informative and promotional communication, also of commercial nature, e.g. advertisement material and/or offers of goods and services via post, internet, telephone, e-mail, MMS, SMS from Italy or abroad (also from non-European countries) exclusively from Ferrari S.p.A. and Triboo S.p.A., controlled and/or connected companies, or by physical or legal entities which collaborate in the commercial activities, as indicated in detail in par. 1 g and par. 6 of the information regarding the Treatment of personal data.