Ferrari Financial Services UK has created the PREMIUM OWNERSHIP PROGRAMME as a new way to purchase a car with our renowned Cavallino badge; creating value and rewarding loyalty, it has been specifically developed for the current Ferrari range of vehicles, and provides funding options alongside premium lifestyle services tailored specifically for you and your Ferrari.

A new Ferrari -  Making the most of your money

Ferrari Financial Services UK offers an ideal way to purchase your new Ferrari. Our financial products are especially designed for the current Ferrari range and to allow for convenience, flexibility and peace of mind.

A Pre-owned Ferrari –  Financing the dream

Ferrari Financial Services UK can also assist clients purchasing pre-owned Ferrari vehicles. Our financial products are aimed at cars that retain value over time and are available on all Ferrari models, regardless of age or value.

A Classic Ferrari -  Pursuing your Passion

If your passion is classic Ferrari vehicles then Ferrari Financial Services UK share that passion and can offer a range of products to suit your every need.

Supercars and Limited Series Cars -  Tailor made perfection

By invitation only, a very exclusive group of clients will be able to purchase one of our special series cars. Limited in numbers these vehicles are the pinnacle of design and development and can be funded as such. This service also extends to the Ferrari Tailor Made Programme, where you can design and engineer your very own car with our world class team.

F1 and Race Cars - Financial Pit Stop

Ferrari Financial Services UK has developed a range of exclusive financial products aimed specifically at clients interested in purchasing race cars, including single seaters, which are exclusively available through the Corsa Cliente Programme. This allows clients to purchase extremely valuable race cars without major capital investment. This unique services is offered based on our specialist knowledge, valuation expertise, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of racing with complete peace of mind.