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Ferrari Genuine offers an extensive choice of details, accessories and components conceived and developed exclusively to make the cars bearing the Prancing Horse badge even more unique.

20" Forged Multi-spoke Wheels

20″ Forged Multi-spoke Wheels

Forged Multi-spoke Wheels for 488 GTB and 488 Spider

The multi-spoke wheels created for the 488 GTB and 488 Spider embody a high-tech solution with a distinctive look: the forging process makes it possible to create a much lighter wheel, while the new multi-spoke design – a natural evolution of the wheels of the 458 Speciale – features boldly three dimensional forms and clear-cut lines, which further accentuate the sports character of the car.  These wheels are available with a matte grey finish.

Wheel Ferrari CaliforniaT

20” Forged Wheels

Forged Wheels for California T

Ferrari Genuine offers owners the possibility of fitting their cars with the same 20” forged alloy wheels already available as an option for the Ferrari California T. The unique design reinterprets the style of historical Ferrari wheels. The larger diameter and width accentuate the sports character of the car. These wheels are offered in a choice of three finishes: Silver, Matte Corsa Grey and Two-tone Diamond Polished. The diamond finish gives the wheel a special sheen and shows off its shapes and lines.

Wheel LaFerrari

FXX-K Style

for the LaFerrari

Ferrari Genuine has developed a new set of forged wheels for the LaFerrari derived from its track-special sibling. Available in Matte Silver finish, the FXX-K style wheels give the car an even more exclusive, unique character.

Wheel Ferrari F12tdf

Matte Black

F12 TDF Wheels

Manufactured with a forging process and boasting a unique 10 spoke design, the wheels of the Ferrari F12 tdf are the ultimate expression of technology and lightness.

Ferrari Genuine offers owners the possibility of upgrading their cars with a set of wheels in Matte Black finish which are the perfect complement to the sports temperament of the car itself.