Formula Pilota

Experience the exhilaration of driving a Ferrari in total safety

Ferrari Financial Services offers clients the opportunity to take to the track in their Ferrari, to get to know it better and experience it to the full. Clients purchasing their cars with the innovative Premium Ownership Program are given the chance to experience a track driving course with race driving instructors from the Pilota Ferrari team.

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Formula Pilota
Formula Pilota

In the setting of an official race track reserved exclusively for Ferrari Financial Services for the occasion, clients will be gradually introduced to the potential of their Ferraris in both normal driving conditions and in track conditions.
Only with a complete familiarity of the capabilities of the car can a driver truly experience the full range of sensations offered by driving a Ferrari.

Formula Pilota

To ensure the exclusivity and efficiency of this track experience, Ferrari Financial Services offers clients the services of:
• a team of race driving instructors with years of experience driving Ferraris;
• a teams of mechanics to check the cars;
• logistics and operational personnel.


The event is reserved exclusively for clients purchasing a new car from the GT range with Ferrari Financial Services financial products.
An official racetrack, designed specifically to ensure the safest race conditions possible, will be reserved exclusively for Premium Leasing clients.
To introduce clients to the capabilities and performance of their Ferraris.
Initial theory session, with laps accompanied by an instructor to familiarise owners with the dynamics of their cars.
An intense and exhilarating program, designed for minimum stress to the mechanicals of the car.