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Ferrari Cavalcade 2014 day 3: Modica, Capo Passero and Noto – rediscovering Italian traditions

Modica, 21th June 2014

The third and final stage of the Cavalcade 2014 saw participants continue their tour of Sicily with the Baroque wonders of Noto and Modica as they headed for the coast and negotiated the winding stonewall-edged roads of this part of the island and their spectacular views of the sea.

The Cavalcade’s visit to Modica, which is renowned for its wonderful chocolate, included a call to a museum dedicated to the latter. The road trip then continued along the coast as far as the fishing village of Capo Passero where the Sicilians’ passion for Ferrari was particularly clear from the enthusiasm of the crowd.

The same thing happened in the afternoon when the 90 cars arrived into the charming baroque city of Noto. Delighted local townspeople and visitors alike mobbed the fleet while the participants enjoyed a “flying snack” dropped by basket from the palazzos in honour of one of the city’s ancient traditions.

The final evening brought one last surprise for the Ferrari clients: a gala dinner in Piazza del Duomo di Ortigia attended by Ferrari Chairman Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo. The finishing touch to the evening was a delightful recital by the Symphonic Orchestra from Catania’s Teatro Bellini which touched the participants hearts with its rendition of the Italian national anthem (The Hymn of Mameli) as well as a performance from Pietro Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana with the help of two tenors.

The Cavalcade 2014 came to a fitting conclusion with a spectacular firework display designed by one of the world’s most famous artisan firework workshops, another Sicilian business of excellence and winner of the firework world championships in Rome.

Ferrari Cavalcade - Day 3 Video
Ferrari Cavalcade - Day 3 Fotogallery
Ferrari Cavalcade 2014 day 3

Ferrari Cavalcade 2014 day 2: the timeless allure of the Valley of the Temples

Siracusa, 20th June 2014

On day two of the Cavalcade 2014, the 90-strong fleet of Ferraris set out from Siracusa and, by late morning, had arrived into Caltagirone, a town famous for its ceramics and pottery. Its maze of tiny streets eventually converge on the marvellous Scalinata decorative staircase in the centre and funnelled the Ferraris along in way that ensured the public got an even closer look at them than usual.

Their Sicilian adventure then continued with a drive to Agrigento and the stunning Valley of the Temples where the Prancing Horse cars cut a magnificent sight against the backdrop of the stunning ruins. Next up for the crews was the Pergusa Circuit where the cars were able to unleash all their power watched by the large crowd of spectators that had gathered especially to see them.

The Ferrari owners got an exhilarating taste of their car’s sporting DNA as they negotiated chicanes, fast corners and straights. Once they’d put their driving gloves away for the day,  the participants spent the evening at an exclusive dinner on the beach which was topped off by a special video screening of the action so far in the Cavalcade, and an exciting display by fire artists that arrived by sea.

Ferrari Cavalcade day 2 - video
Ferrari Cavalcade - Fotogallery day 2

Ferrari Cavalcade 2014 day 2

Ferrari Cavalcade 2014: the tour starts from Siracusa

Siracusa, 20th June 2014

The Ferrari Cavalcade 2014, an annual driving tour of Italy’s most beautiful corners for Maranello’s most exclusive clients, got underway under the hot Sicilian sun yesterday.

Led by four LaFerraris, the fleet of Prancing Horse cars made a spectacular sight for the crowds of enthusiasts lining the hillclimb route leading up to the Rifugio Sapienza on Mount Etna. Here a surprise treat awaited the participants who were taken on a helicopter ride over the active crater of the volcano from which they could hear the heart of Sicily rumbling away.

The 90 extraordinary Ferraris entered in the Cavalcade 2014 include a one-off model making its public debut on Sicilian soil.  The F12 TRS is an extreme open-top two-seater sports barchetta based on the F12berlinetta. Its design is, like all the Prancing Horse’s one-off projects absolutely unique, and takes its inspiration from the spirit of the 1957  250 Testa Rossa, which Flavio Manzoni and the Ferrari Style Centre team have given a very contemporary twist.

After the stop-off on Mount Etna, the tour continued on toward Taormina where the old town centre provided the perfect showcase for the Prancing Horse cars which were welcomed with open arms by the townspeople.

The Taormina Film Festival is currently in full swing and the Ferraris, which have starred in a host of highly successful films, were very much at their ease in this red-carpet environment. Even the Hollywood stars of the likes of  Ben Stiller and Melanie Griffith failed to steal the limelight from the Maranello cars which were mobbed by the local Sicilians until the time came for them to get back on the road to Siracusa for the start of second leg of the tour today.

Ferrari Cavalcade day 1 - video



The Ferrari Cavalcade 2014 revs up in Sicily

Ferrari’s international clients explore the delights of Italy

Maranello, 17th June 2014

More than 90 Ferraris driven by clients from 27 different nations are preparing to explore some of the most beautiful corners of Sicily between tomorrow, Wednesday 18th, and Sunday 22nd of June, in the course of the third edition of the Ferrari Cavalcade.

The event was held in Emilia Romagna in 2012 and last year gave participants a tour of the most spectacular parts of Tuscany. The Cavalcade was created by Ferrari to take clients from all over the world (from America to Japan, but also Middle East, South East Pacific and even New Zealand) not only to Italy’s classic destinations but, more importantly, its less well-known but equally stunning areas to showcase the nation’s exceptional art, history, gastronomy, and the incredible variety and uniqueness of its terroirs.

The Sicilian Cavalcade was organised in collaboration with the island’s local authorities and the regional tourism department. Divided into three legs, it will see Ferrari revealing a veritable treasure trove of delights to the 180 partecipants. The fleet starts out from Siracusa on Thursday taking in Catania and Taormina as well as a spectacular hill-climb along the roads of Mount Etna. On day two, Friday, the cars drive on to Agrigento, passing through Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina. This particular route focuses on Greek and Roman history, but will also be something of an homage to speed with several laps of the Pergusa Circuit planned too.  Last but not least, the cars and owners discover Sicilian Baroque on a route that runs through Modica, Ragusa and Noto.

The list of models taking part in the Cavalcade will warm the hearts of the island’s car enthusiasts who will enjoy a close-quarters look at Maranello’s entire current range as well as iconic models from the recent past. Several examples of the special limited edition series LaFerrari are also taking part.



Ferrari Cavalcade 2014 - Sicilia

Via del Faro Massolivieri, 26 96100 Syracuse, Sicily, Italy


DATE: 18/22 June 2014