may 2012

Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia 2012

With numerous spectators present the participating saw the chequered flag last night on their parade on Viale Venezia in Brescia, at the final act of the 2012 at Ferrari Tribute.

The participants unanimously judged the event a great success in terms of quality and entertainment. The overall classification of the 2012 Ferrari Tribute was won by the 1992 512 TR with Verghini/Fuso ahead of the 2010 458 Italia with Danesi/Sesena and the 1962 250 GT Cabriolet with Lopez/Prieto.

“The most wonderful race in the world”. This was the Mille Miglia for Enzo Ferrari. The times and the ways change, because the last real Mille Miglia was held in 1957, today it is a historical restage. But the ingredients are the same: unique cars, enthusiastic spectators, 1,400 kilometres from North to South and back on the mist beautiful roads in Italy.


At the moment the capital of the motorsport world is Brescia, where the Mille Miglia, just like in the old days, will start and come back after three stages. Brescia is filled with engine sound and the beautiful cars in the historical city centre, from where they will start.

There are also some very special cars present in Brescia, catching the spectators attentions: the Ferraris taking part in the Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia. An event, this year held for the third time, for clients from the Prancing Horse, to drive their cars ahead of the Mille Miglia, anticipating their arrival on the same roads.

Observing a Ferrari from close up, touching the bodywork and listening to the engine sound is something very special. Watching and listening to 140 cars from the Prancing Horse at once will be something even more exciting. This is what happened this morning in Brescia, where the cars of the Tribute paraded, delighting the spectators. 140 Ferraris are present – cars built from 1957 until today – a proper compendium of the Ferrari production in Maranello.

Ferrari tribute to Mille Miglia 2012

After the official registration the spectators could watch the 140 cars on Brescia’s Piazza della Loggia for a presentation, before they left in the direction of Desenzano, where the Ferrari Tribute will start at 6pm.

The first car starting at the Garda Lake will be the 1986 328 GTS (race number 501). Every 20 seconds another car will start for the first stage, which will pass through Vicenza, Verona and the Emilia arriving in Ravenna, where the Tribute will end for today at around midnight.

Piazza Loggia, Brescia, Lombardy, Italy


“The most beautiful road race in the world.” This was the Mille Miglia for Enzo Ferrari. Times and ways change, because the road race today is a tribute to the original race held until 1957.