F1 Circus discovers fascinating Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, 12 November – The 2010 F1 season’s last act is concluded with a record number of visitors at the Ferrari Theme Park on Yas Island, close to the circuit, where the last race of this year’s Championship will be held on Sunday. Before the engines will be started for the Friday practice sessions F1 employees have been visiting Ferrari World, leaving the paddock and exploring the over 20 attractions at the theme park. Amongst them is the Formula Rossa, the fastest rollercoaster in the world, simulating a ride in a F1 single-seater. A unique excitement most of the team principals and some drivers, amongst them also Robert Kubica, didn’t want to miss, noting with enthusiasm at the end of the ride that the Formula Rossa’s acceleration of 4.5G is higher than the one in a F1 single-seater at the start of a GP.

Piero Ferrari was spotted amongst the visitors of the theme park. Ferrari came to Abu Dhabi to support the Scuderia on site. Another visitor was Bernie Ecclestone. Lots of excitement on and off the track during these three days under the sign of engines and speed. Meanwhile numerous VIPs came to Yas Island, while tomorrow Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is expected at the track.