Ferrari 458 Italia: from success on the road to glory on the track

The 458 Italia has won more awards and titles than any other road car in Ferrari history. It has received more than 30 plaudits from the leading international magazines, including the best high performance engine award for two consecutive years. Now the GT2 and GT3 versions of the 458 have added to that long list a string of trophies won on circuits across the globe.

The latest arrived this weekend at the International GT Open in Barcelona where AF Corse secured both the Drivers’ title and the Team trophy for the SuperGT category, courtesy of Gianmaria Bruni and Federico Leo, while Kessel Racing did likewise in the GTS category, thanks to Daniel Zampieri and Michael dalla Stella. These prestigious victories resulted in Ferrari beating rivals of the calibre of Porsche, Mercedes and McLaren to win the Manufacturers’ title.

The new titles flank the many others won in the course of the year in the world’s most prestigious enclosed wheel championships including the FIA World Endurance Championship, the Grand AM, the Blanc Pain Endurance Series and the FIA GT3 Asia .