Ferrari California T – Tagaytay Experience

Ferrari California T – Tagaytay Experience

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The Philippines is well known for its pristine beaches and powdery white sand, making it anyone’s idea of a perfect summer vacation. But come rainy season, the lush mountains of the countryside call to those who seek a unique adventure. Landscape shift into an almost mystical kind of scenery against a backdrop of pine trees and fog just hanging a few inches off the ground. A select group of Ferrari fans heeded this very call one rainy morning to put the California T Handling Speciale to the test at one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. The long and winding roads of Tagaytay are a familiar route for anyone looking for a quick reprieve from the busy and congested streets of Manila, but few know of secluded spaces where visitors can discover a different kind of experience.

The upscale 1,300-hectare property of Tagaytay Highlands was the perfect location – a route filled with twists and hills through fog and rain showed off the true power of the Handling Speciale package. Drivers both skilled and amateur managed every turn with ease, and experienced the California T at tops speed on stretches of wide, open roads. The cool mountain air and the mist surrounding the drive transported the drivers to a different realm rarely known to outsiders.

Towards the afternoon, the weather cleared and the sun broke through the clouds to reveal breathtaking views of the lake surrounding Taal Volcano. It created the perfect backdrop for an easy cruise with the California T HS as the drivers traversed the roads through European-inspired villages and farmlands with a top-down ride to enjoy the cool weather.

As the sun set, the group headed back to the main club house of Tagaytay Highlands for a warm dinner after a full day in the cold mountain breeze, sharing softies and experiences of their first time behind the wheel of the California T. It was a consensus that beyond the beauty of the car, the thrill of the ride is an experience on its own. Being behind the wheel and strapped to the seat is beyond comfort – it’s luxurious, exciting, and memorable. That’s what a Ferrari is all about.