A journey through Ferrari’s history

Maranello, 26 June 2012 – More than 100 Ferrari clients from all over the world will discover places in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, connected to the birth of the manufacturer from Maranello, with their own cars from the recent production from Thursday, 28 to Saturday, 30 June on the legendary roads of these Italian regions. They will drive on the roads of the Mille Miglia and on the Savio circuit, but also on the tracks where Ferrari has raced and won several times, such as Imola and Mugello as well as Fiorano, where the cars from the Prancing Horse are developed. The Ferrari Cavalcade will start in Bologna in the direction of Imola and the “Dino e Enzo Ferrari” race track at the Santerno river, where the participants will carry out ability tests for the regularity race. The first day will be dedicated to the roads of the plain in Emilia-Romagna: Lugo, home of the Baracca family, where the Prancing Horse will be celebrated, along the roads of the river Po delta to visit the Pomposa Abbey, coming back via Ferrara degli Estensi on wonderful roads through the so called Pianura Padana. Friday will be dedicated to the area around Modena and the places connected to Ferrari with a visit in Maranello and laps on the Fiorano track. On the conclusive day the cars will drive though the Apennine to arrive at the Mugello circuit and later on at the Piazza della Signoria in Florence. The final stage of the 600 kilometres will lead to Bologna on the roads of the Mille Miglia with the legendary Futa and Raticosa passes. The list of the participants’ countries underlines the internationality of the Ferrari brand: USA, China, Lebanon, Honk Kong, UAE, Mexico, South Africa and naturally Europe with France Germany, Belgium, the UK and Russia, just to name a few. The Cavalcade event is a way to introduce the clients of the Prancing Horse to the wonderful landscape, the artistic wonders and the exceptional cuisine of Italy. This will also be the philosophy of the upcoming Cavalcade events, which will bring the Ferrari clients to Italy’s most important places to discover hidden gems of this marvellous country. The final check of the route has been carried out by the official website Ferrari.com with a 458 Spider, the perfect open car for such an exciting tour, with its stunning engine sound of the 570 bhp V8, which won the “Best Performance Engine of the Year” Award. The updates from the Ferrari Cavalcade stages will be available on Ferrari.com with exclusive photos and videos. Bologna, 28 June 2012 – This is the Ferrari Cavalcade – an initiative especially wanted by Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo – now at the start of its successful first edition: more then 110 participants, clients from all over the world, who started this morning at 9am in Bologna in their cars from the Prancing Horse. The Ferrari Cavalcade left in the direction of Imola where the cars will arrive at the “Enzo e Dino Ferrari” circuit. The cavalcade is lead by someone special in the car number 00: Giancarlo Fisichella, winner of the 80th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the GTE Pro category with the 458 Italia. After the ride on the track in Imola with three ability tests the over 110 cars participating in the Ferrari Cavalcade will drive to the river Po delta with a rich programme accompanying them. Bologna, 28 June 2012 – 110 Ferraris in the streets one uses every day doesn’t happen very often. The exception proved the rule today as long as you were present where the Ferrari Cavalcade passed. The cars started in Bologna to the event organised by Ferrari with the idea to let the clients of the Prancing Horse feel the magic of the places connected to the history of the manufacturer from Maranello. They went to Imola where they were welcomed by the people who remembered the numerous successes Ferrari had here on this track. And then they arrived in Lugo, home of the Baracca family and of the symbol of the Prancing Horse, where the Ferrari Cavalcade was greeted with enthusiasm. After the roads of the river Po delta the cars arrived at the Pomposa Abbey, where the people who had a visit planned didn’t know if they should visit the abbey or watch the parked Ferraris from close up. Before the Cavalcade drove back to Bologna they stopped in Ferrara in the shade of the marvelous Castello Estense. Maranello, 29 June 2012 – Maranello has to be the starting point. This is why in the Ferrari Cavalcade’s logbook, after the first stamp at the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena, the town in Emilia is the destination of the over 110 participating Ferraris. It is a return to the roots of the Prancing Horse with an intense programme for the second day, including laps on the Fiorano race track. Maranello, 29 June – “Thanks for coming and taking part in this first ever Ferrari Cavalcade, an event dedicated to all of you, whom we consider not just as collectors and owners, but also as true friends,” proclaimed Montezemolo. “This is not only an opportunity to drive your own cars on special roads and on track, but above all to be together. I was strongly in favour of this initiative, which next year will take place in Tuscany and then all over Italy, in such places as Rome and the Amalfi coast in the future. This month of June has been very important for Ferrari, with victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours, Fernando Alonso’s win in the European GP at Valencia and, for the second year running, the title of ‘Best Performance Engine’ going to the aspirated 4.5 litre unit fitted to the 458 Italia and the 458 Spider.” Montezemolo then had some words of praise for Felipe Massa, who has been in Maranello since yesterday, working at the simulator in preparation for the British Grand Prix: “I am pleased that alongside me is Felipe, who has driven for us for so many, but not too many years. After an unlucky start to the season, I’m sure he will be fight back in the second part of the championship.” “It’s always a pleasure to meet so many ‘Ferraristi’ especially as our work as drivers does not begin and end with Formula 1,” said the Brazilian driver. “In fact, we are actively involved in the development of the road cars. I know that tomorrow, you will be at Mugello, a track that means a lot to me, as it was there that I had my first ever drive in a Formula 1 car. It is a very beautiful track with a lot of high speed corners and so I’m sure you will enjoy yourselves,” added Felipe. The meeting ended with the usual rush for autographs and photos from those taking part in the Ferrari Cavalcade. It was undoubtedly another memorable day in an event that ends tomorrow night in Bologna with a dinner at the Palazzo Albergati. Scarperia, 30 June 2012 – After yesterday’s excitement in Maranello and the splendid evening in Bologna, concluded with a gala dinner at the Archiginnasio, the last day of the 2012 Ferrari Cavalcade started very early. The over 110 Ferraris left Bologna in the direction of the Appenine between Tuscany and Emilia on the twisty roads with their marvelous turns and ups and downs. After the Giogo pass the cavalcade arrived at the Mugello race track. With some good advice Felipe Massa gave yesterday the protagonists discovered the track behind the wheels of their own Ferraris, one of the circuits with the most wonderful panorama in the world. And now: setting off to reach Florence. Bologna, 30 June 2012 – Over 100 Ferraris accompanied by a police escort in the centre of Florence is an unbelievable image. Imagine this followed by a parade of the cars with the Pracing Horse on Piazza della Signoria. This happened today at the arrivial of the Ferrari Cavalcade in Florence, admired by tourists with the enthusiasm of the drivers behind the wheels of their Ferraris. After a break and a visit of one of the most beautiful cities in the world the cars drove back to Bologna over the Futa and the Raticosa pass, which was the decisive stage of the Mille Miglia in the 1950s. And this is how th curtain falls on the First edition of the Ferrari Cavalcade, the initiative strongly wished for by Luca di Montezemolo, who will greet the participants tonight at Bologna’s Palazzo Albergati at a gala dinner.