Ferrari in the Land of the Rising Sun

Ferrari in the Land of the Rising Sun

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Over 70 Ferraris set off to discover exquisite Japan during the International Cavalcade

Kyoto, 7 November 2016 – From 10 November until 14 November, the international edition of Cavalcade, Ferrari’s prestigious driving event, will take place in Japan.  To celebrate 50 years of Ferrari in Japan, the event will be organised in the former imperial capital city of Kyoto in collaboration with the City of Kyoto and the Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau (KCVB). Approximately 70 Ferraris driven by clients hailing from more than 24 nations will participate in the rally which sets off every day from the city, and they will enjoy the historical and aesthetic destinations that are painted in the colors of autumn.  All current range Ferraris will be represented in the three-day rally, including the limited edition F12tdf and the hybrid supercar LaFerrari. In addition there will be a few examples of past Ferrari legends such as the Enzo Ferrari, F40 and 599 GTB.

Since 2012 Ferrari Cavalcade has become the annual not to be missed rendezvous for Ferrari’s most important clients. Conceived to celebrate the joy of driving combined with magnificent scenery and culture, the event takes place in a different part of Italy every year. In addition, as of last year, Ferrari has also introduced an international rendition of the Cavalcade designed to take clients beyond Italy to explore a new part of the world every year. The first International Cavalcade took place in 2015 in Northern California, while this year’s edition travels to Kyoto.

The event promises to deliver the unmistakable excitement, beauty and camaraderie that only Ferrari Cavalcade can offer. The fleet will start out from the Jingu-michi alongside the beautiful red-lacquered Heian Shrine. On the first day, Ferraristi will head to Awaji Island crossing the engineering marvel that is the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, test the power and agility of their cars on Central Circuit and drive through the rural landscape of Sasayama. The second day pays homage to the magical area around Lake Biwa and includes Hieizan Enryakuji which is one of the UNESCO sites,  as well as a drive amidst the majestic Sequoia trees of Takashima and a stop by the Castle of Hikone.  On the third and final driving day, the group will head to south and explore the ancient capital of Nara, where the guests will stop to visit the Todai-ji Temple, the remains of Heijo Imperial Palace and the summit of Mt. Wakakusa, and visit Osaka, passing through Midosuji and stopping at the Castle.

The International Cavalcade is just one in a series of events to celebrate Ferrari’s 50th anniversary in Japan. It also coincides with the 150th anniversary of Japan and Italy’s trade relations.