Ferraristi per Sempre

Ferraristi per Sempre


Sebastian Vettel and Maurizio Arrivabene officially open the new exhibition

Maranello, 22 June 2016 – Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene and Luca Fuso, Ferrari Chief Brand Officer, were guests of honour at today’s official opening of the new “Ferraristi per Sempre” exhibition at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. Sebastian cut the ribbon in front of the 125 S, the first Ferrari racing car ever built, and then toured the exhibition which pays homage to the many drivers that have contributed to building the Prancing Horse legend.

The German driver posed with his 2015 single-seater, the SF15-T, and autographed the panel dedicated to him. He then visited all five of the halls the exhibition is spread over, starting with the one dedicated to the Scuderia Ferrari World Champions. The latter includes two Michael Schumacher cars, an Alberto Ascari 500, the 1979 312 T4 and the F2007 in which Vettel’s current team-mate Kimi Räikkönen won his title with Ferrari. “I’ve dreamed about racing for Ferrari since I was a little boy,” Sebastian declared. “So being in Maranello is a wonderful adventure for me. There is enormous pressure when you’re a Ferrari driver but my passion for this marque is far greater than any pressure, so I’m delighted to be racing for the team”. The German driver also declared that he believes winning the title is still a possibility and had this to say about EURO 2016: “I was hoping to see an Italy vs Germany final even though that won’t be possible because of the way the table worked out. But I’ll be cheering for whichever of the two gets furthest!”


On the first floor, Vettel also watched the six interactive totems designed to offer visitors a deeper insight into the challenges all racing drivers have to tackle on the track. The exhibition will run for a year and the cars on show will be rotated on a regular basis. Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene also posed for photographs with Sebastian beside Gilles Villeneuve’s 126 CK, to which one of his earliest Formula 1 memories is linked: “I was at my cousin’s Communion with my family and my father took me into a room in the restaurant where there was a TV to watch the Monaco Grand Prix that Gilles absolutely dominated and ultimately won. Passion for Ferrari starts in childhood and to get to work in Ferrari, you have to keep fuelling that feeling”.

A second new exhibition, located on the ground floor, was launched at the same time. “Exclusivity and Technology, the Special Limited Series” features a collection of cars built in extremely small numbers, each one of which hailed a major milestone in technological innovation on its launch. The exhibition spans everything from 1984’s 288 GTO to iconic models of the likes of the F40 and Enzo. Needless to say, also on show are the most recent limited edition special series built: LaFerrari, the F12tdf and the spectacular FXX K, which has just won the Compasso d’Oro.