Ferrari Owners Club Singapore Drive of the Year 2016

Ferrari Owners Club Singapore Drive of the Year 2016

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In the spirit of camaraderie formed around the passion of the Prancing Horse, members of the Ferrari Owners Club Singapore (FOCS) came together for the 2016 Drive of the Year to Phuket, Thailand. Gathering together over 20 owners, two convoys of a range of Ferraris, took to the highways and B-roads for the journey north.

Departing from Singapore via the Tuas causeway link to Malaysia, the convoys which consisted of models from the modern, lifestyle California T, to the sportier 488 GTB, F12berlinetta and even a couple of 599 F1s, covered a series of open road, delightful local cuisine and experienced gorgeous seaside resorts on the drive which was the longest distance to date for the club. Covering over 3,000 km over a variety of road and weather conditions put each Ferrari and driver to the test, creating a most memorable experience of bonding with their cars and each other.

Sharing his thoughts on the Drive of the Year, FOCS President, Gregory Teo, said, “Every activity in the event was arranged to intensify togetherness and broaden driving insights of our members. We are very thankful for the support of the Singapore official distributor, Ital Auto, without which this drive would not have been possible.”

“We are always happy to support FOCS in their drives. Ferrari cars are a reflection of great passion and emotion,” said Nick Syn, Director at Ital Auto, “and we are always delighted to know that Ferrari owners are able to come together to share this passion and experiences with each other”.