Ferrari Your Way from Open Road to Open Sea

Ferrari Your Way from Open Road to Open Sea

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May 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – A unique lifestyle driving event for our Malaysian Ferrari owners was recently organized by Naza Italia, bringing together owners and guests for a late afternoon drive from Kuala Lumpur to the coastal town of Port Dickson, located south of the country’s capital city.

A heavy downpour prior to the drive did not dampen the owners’ excitement and elation from going ahead with the show. A fleet of over twenty Ferrari cars lined up beautifully outside the showroom before taking off towards its destination, revving a rich, distinctive note known only to cars of Italian excellence.

The drive roared along the country’s North – South Expressway before reaching its destination, Admiral Marina and Leisure Club which is nestled within Admiral Cove, a world class integrated Marina Resort. Located along the untouched plains of Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan, the whole journey of over 95km from the Kuala Lumpur showroom was slick, yet exhilarating.

After close to two hours of driving on the open roads, the arrival at the Marina was an opportunity for owners and guests to unwind on a yacht, where they enjoyed breathtaking views of the shoreline and beautiful sunset as they sailed along the Straits of Malacca. They savoured the BBQ dinner served while sailing, with the option to fly and indulge in the magnificent skyline in a seaplane. It was indeed a relaxing trip organised to provide the Ferrari owners with an unparalleled ownership experience, while giving them the opportunity to have a fun get-together with other passionate Ferraristis.

The evening concluded with fresh breeze, open sea, good food and even greater company.