Ferrari wins two Top Gear awards

Ferrari wins two Top Gear awards

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Supercar of the Year for 488 GTB; Engine of the Year for F12tdf

Maranello, 23 March – Ferrari is honoured once again to be the recipient of two prestigious awards from BBC Top Gear magazine, with the 488 GTB declared “Supercar of the Year” and the F12tdf awarded “Engine of the Year.” This brings the Prancing Horse’s tally of BBC Top Gear awards to 15 in 12 years, including 5 “Supercar of the Year” awards: F430 Coupe, 458 Italia, F12berlinetta, 458 Speciale and now the 488 GTB.

Commenting on the 488 GTB, BBC Top Gear magazine declared: “At full noise, the 488 is a ferociously powerful thing, fast enough to bamboozle and corrupt you” and “Beauty’s subjective, I know. But I’m thinking it’s the most beautiful supercar made today.” “This is Ferrari absolutely on its game.”


After driving the F12tdf at the Fiorano Circuit after the car’s unveil at the Finali Mondiali at Mugello in November, BBC Top Gear acknowledged the importance of the V12 engine in Ferrari’s heritage: “as an expression of what an engine can and
should be, of what we ought to be aiming for in the modern era, nothing can touch this dodici cilindri. The F12tdf itself is a handful, but the engine is nothing short of sublime. Enzo wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”