JJ Lin “My Dream comes true”

JJ Lin “My Dream comes true”

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The Asian pop-music star visits Tailor-Made Centre in Maranello

Maranello, 5th May – JJ Lin, the Asian pop-music superstar visited Ferrari’s Tailor-Made Centre in Maranello to be inspired by the design team for his own wishes to create his dream car, the 458 Speciale A. As a dedicated Ferrari fan, he also spent time in the production line where Maranello’s extraordinary masterpieces are built, as well as the Ferrari Store.

The story between Ferrari and the young pop-star goes back to his childhood in 1987, when he first saw a Ferrari. It was then that owning one of these automotive works of art became his dream. “I made up my mind to work hard and become successful in life, and by age 30, own and drive my very own Ferrari” said JJ Lin. For all these years, the legendary Prancing Horse machines were one of his sources of inspiration. Thanks to Ferrari’s Tailor-Made Centre in Maranello, JJ Lin will not only realize his vision but also be able to create his ideal car.

The Tailor-Made programme continues a longstanding Maranello tradition. The client’s personal wishes and aspirations lie at the very heart of the Tailor-Made Programme. Owners are assisted and guided through the selection process by their own Personal Designer. Maximum performance, tradition, innovation. These are the Ferrari brand core values that underpin all three collections created by the Styling Centre to inspire clients interested in the Tailor-Made programme. Scuderia, Classica and Inedita are the three different “worlds” to choose from to create bespoke Ferraris through unique combinations of the many options available.

After the Maranello trip, JJ Lin will visit the Ferrari Tailor-Made Centre in Shanghai to further discuss the details about his dream car with the Personal Designers there.

“It had always been a dream to drive a Ferrari. Not really for prestige, but to have a feel of the many years of hard work spent into developing this ultimate driving machine.” With Ferrari Tailor-made, JJ Lin can now be part of this great creation and bring his own ideas on the road.