Simone Origone sets new speed skiing record: 252.632 km/h

Simone Origone sets new speed skiing record: 252.632 km/h


The Val d’Aosta man prepared for his attempt in the Ferrari wind tunnel

Vars, 3 April – Simone Origone has made world skiing history once again. The Italian five-time world champion and winner of eight World Cups, has beat his own world speed skiing record at Vars, setting a blistering new speed of 252.632 km/h. This means Origone has now achieved one of the two goals he’d set himself for the season. The other was to become world champion in Andorra, a title that in the end he had to concede to a very special team-mate, his younger brother, Ivan.

Preparation. A lifelong Ferrari tifoso, Simone, who has named his four sets of competition skis after four Prancing Horse cars, was in Maranello in February for an aerodynamic honing session in the Ferrari Wind Tunnel. In collaboration with Fisi (the Italian Winter Sports Federation), Origone carried out a whole slew of aerodynamic tests that allowed him fine tune his performance in the run-up to the World Championship and the world record.

Bull’s-eye. Despite barely feasible weather conditions at Vars, Origone hurtled down the dizzying slopes at Chabrières with huge determination to deliver his superb result. Origone is at the very top of his discipline from years: he set his first world record in 2006 at a speed of 251.4 km/h.