The Badge belongs to Ferrari and to recognised Ferrari clubs

The Badge belongs to Ferrari and to recognised Ferrari clubs


Maranello, 27 November

The Prancing Horse can only be used by true Ferrari affiliates which have been officially authorised. That was the clear and concise message from a sentence passed today, as reported in the past hours by press agencies. It relates to the first session of a civil case heard in the Court of Cassation which judged in favour of Ferrari in its action against an unofficial Milan club which used the Maranello marque’s badge, assisted on this occasion by the legal offices of NCTM.

The sentence handed down from the Piazza Cavour, the highest Court in the Italian legal system, annuls the one from the Milan Court of Appeal of 22 July 2006, which had ruled that the use of the Ferrari badges, the Prancing Horse and Ferrari Club, by the Milan club did not damage the activities of the company and officially recognised Ferrari clubs. This judgement is therefore establishes a very important precedence in the protection of the Ferrari brands.

The Cassation has lodged a new investigation of the case to the Milan Court of Appeal to evaluate if this could lead to a case being brought of counterfeiting of a registered trademark.