The Scuderia Ferrari at the Finali Mondiali

The Scuderia Ferrari at the Finali Mondiali

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Maranello, 10 November

The Formula 1 team to put on a show at Abu Dhabi

High emotion and spectacle are guaranteed by the Scuderia Ferrari and its Formula 1 single-seaters at the Finali Mondiali in Abu Dhabi. As is the case at the Ferrari Racing Days and the many Street Demos organised in the course of the year, the Scuderia and its drivers will be at the heart of the action at the Abu Dhabi Finali Mondiali, drawing in and exhilarating the crowds at the Yas Marina circuit.

The spectators in the stands will be able to admire Maranello’s Formula 1s as they roar past their noses and experience the thrill of the track watching the drivers going through their paces on the asphalt. This includes of course, the now-famous burn-outs which engulf the cars in a cloud of smoke when they unleash the power of their engines, spinning their wheels and leaving black doughnuts of rubber on the track.

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The exhibition will be completed by a series of pit-stops by the Scuderia’s own crew, something the Maranello mechanics have honed to a fine art. In fact, they can change four tyres in just two seconds.