The World Press Converges on Maranello for FERRARI CALIFORNIA 2012 Test Drives

Maranello, 13th April – “Lighter and more powerful” are the key words describing the Ferrari California 2012 as, hot on the heels of its Geneva debut, it is presented to the international motoring media converging on Maranello to put it through its paces along the same routes as the Prancing Horse test-drivers and engineers that developed it. Since its launch, the California has enjoyed enormous popularity, accounting for 70% of Ferrari’s new clients who also use it much more frequently (in some cases everyday) and clock up 30% higher mileage than drivers of our other models. The California is a superbly versatile car, thanks in great part to its retractable hard top and 2+ seating configuration.

With engine output boosted by 30 CV to 490 and a 30 kg lighter chassis thanks to the Scaglietti Centre of Excellence’s advanced aluminium fabrication techniques, Ferrari’s mid-front V8 model now offers an extra flourish of sportiness that does not in any way impinge on its Grand Tourer character. One of the benefits of these new solutions is 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.8 seconds.

Clients seeking a more dynamic, yet still not overly-extreme driving experience, may now also order the optional Handling Speciale package which encompasses modifications to the California’s running gear and set-up designed to reduce body roll and speed up response to commands.

In addition to these more technical features, the Ferrari Styling Centre has also developed a vast new array of livery options, ranging from two-tone paintwork to three-layer paints and even historic colours revived courtesy of advanced technologies. The result is a virtually endless choice of personalisations for the California to ensure each one is truly unique and exclusive to its owner. The Ferrari California also comes with Ferrari’s exclusive 7-Year Maintenance Programme.