Working at Ferrari

The pursuit of excellence

Ferrari is a company that values excellence, so it is always looking for ambitious people, be they career starters or experiences profiles, who can help it innovate, and who are passionate about Ferrari and automotive excellence.

Ferrari values the individual first. A person’s freedom to express him or herself is given highest priority, because Ferrari believes this is the key to creative and successful team collaboration.

The selection process is detailed and precise – just what you might expect from a company that depends on meticulous and uncompromising attention to detail. Candidates are examined not only on their professional, technical and academic excellence, but also for their compatibility with Ferrari principles and values, international mindset and multicultural experience.

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Ferrari values

& Team

Our individual people are our strongest asset and can reach excellency only when working together as a team, with strong communication, sharing and improving together for best results.
We all have a strong sense of belonging, love the challenge and seek continuous improvement together, daily, for the success of our organization.

Emotion &

We live our company with enthusiasm, with a strong sense of pride and with emotion: Ferrari is lived with the heart. Everyday challenges remind us that we are part of a unique and extraordinary reality.

Aware of belonging to a unique organization, globally known and appreciated, we are committed to ensure the utmost professional, respectful and exemplary behavior. We engage to guarantee a sustainable future.

&  Innovation

Representing a reality where tradition and innovation are constant drivers for renewal of the Ferrari legend.

Our company history, our region and our multicultural environment drives our ability to search solutions with leading edge technology and our ability to combine tradition of craftsmanship with a “human dimension”.

Our tradition is INNOVATION.

& Excellence

For us passion means working “with your heart” as well as with your head. Working smartly with a passion that pays full attention to detail, working with enthusiasm to reach our ambitious objectives, and working to guarantee utmost client satisfaction.

Striving for excellence means following the world with attention and with an open mind to enrich our competences.

Formula Uomo

Best place
to work

Ferrari knows that the best individual and team performance is only achieved if employees feel they are in the right place, the right environment.
Ferrari also believes that the quality of its cars cannot be separated from the lives of the people working at the Ferrari plant. That’s why the working environment and wellbeing of our employees are most important priorities.

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The Ferrari plant in Maranello is a model work environment. The philosophy behind the creation of Ferrari’s production areas are specifically designed with the needs of employees firmly in mind. This philosophy became known as “Formula Uomo”. Consequently, the newly renovated Ferrari complex now combines carefully designed lighting systems, green areas (there are plentiful trees along the roads around the factory), a new restaurant, and special measures aimed at reducing environmental impact and noise, using advanced technologies.

The Ferrari complex was specifically designed to architecturally reinforce the synergic relationship between work and results.

Ferrari employees also benefit from an extensive range of training courses as well as fitness and wellbeing programs. “Formula Benessere” raises health awareness and offers specialist check-ups for employees (and a similar version for employees’ children, “Benessere Junior”).

Ferrari offer an Language ongoing training programme covering both the professional development and the specific interests of employees.

And as a result, Ferrari believes that visitors to the Maranello factory will discover not only innovative cars, but a world of ecological and technological research, carried out by people making the best possible use of their talents and passion.

Ferrari selection process

Hiring talented individuals for long term  development and performance

At Ferrari, recruitment & selection is about detecting the right qualities and skills in order to build on our long term success and our capacity to innovate. And is about the right match with our values and company DNA. Ferrari sets high expectations, for individuals with confirmed skills as well as the ability and ambition to develop in the future.

Our recruitment process provides a platform to engage with talent, to assess competences through a structured selection process, and to prepare for post-recruitment integration and development.

Step 1

First evaluation of CV and letter of motivation received. Our preferred application method is through the site as it allows us to ensure a full application tracking and follow-up for the most relevant candidatures received.

Then selectively an invitation to first interviews with Recruitment and Selection specialists and/or HR Management. Video interviews may be recommended to bridge time or distance.

Step 2

Technical interview(s) with relevant Department heads.

The further process may include assessment centers (individual or group) and aptitude tests, depending on the role or specific recruitment program.

Should an application in the end not be successful, we retain a talent-pooling approach for potential future roles.

Step 3

For head-office functions, we included dedicated questionnaire, specific tests or exercises and a test of fluency in English. Fluency in English is required in all functions for graduates and experienced hires, in addition to your language of origin.

Step 4

Participation in individual or group assessment, followed by debriefing and – for selected individuals – an offer to join Ferrari.

Focus on people


We are aware of the fact that we are part of a unique reality, known and respected all over the world and we are committed to representing it in all our relations, keeping a discreet, honest, coherent and correct behaviour.

Pride of Affiliation

The people at Ferrari are proud to be part of a unique and unrepeatable reality and to contribute personally to renovate the legend of Ferrari’s tradition, anticipating, achieving and exceeding the desires, the expectations and the emotions of our clients.


The people at Ferrari apply the concept of excellence into their way of thinking, planning, acting and carrying out their tasks, without ever being satisfied by the achieved results, looking in every managerial or technical activity for the solution with the highest qualitative level to guarantee to all the clients the services’ and the products’ excellence.


Ferrari’s employees think and act as if the company was theirs, looking for new responsibilities, setting themselves professional innovative and challenging goals, therefore anticipating the changes directed to continuous improvement.

Attention to the Environment

We want to improve the working environment guaranteeing the best conditions in terms of livableness, comfort, orderliness and cleanness to work in a healthy and safe environment, where high quality-standards are guaranteed to all people working in the Company.


The people at Ferrari plan, achieve and make the most out of the investments in resources, structures and technology in the interest of the Company, the partners and all the collaborators on the mid and long term, to guarantee development and productivity.