Ferrari’s greatest asset is its workforce of 2,900 people who work in Maranello and Modena Scaglietti (95%) and externally (5%,) divided 60/40 between blue and white collar workers.

10.5% are women and the overall average age is 38, with a high level of education: 60% of the blue collar workers have a diploma, while 70% of white collar personnel have a degree. The percentage of non-Italians is 5% among the shop floor and 20% of the office workers and they come from 29 countries.

Uniqueness - People
Uniqueness - People

The People

Ferrari is a company that rewards excellence: those who are deserving, who show ability and determination can and must grow. The culture of merit is part of the DNA at Ferrari, because only excellent people can win the challenges faced in the market place and on the race tracks around the world.

This also means knowing how to appreciate people and marry expectations with specific organizational demands. With this in mind there are clearly defined made-to-measure routes to growth based on the characteristics of the individual, while considering the aims of the company, supported by significant investment in training.

Over the past three years, the workforce as a whole has had over 120,000 hours of training, as part of a five-year personal training plan known as “Progetto Tailor Made,” in which the company invests 3 million Euros per year.

One of the tools for ensuring and increasing technical and professional knowhow is the School of Expertise. Established in 2009, the School is open to all office and factory workers who can avail themselves of tutors and internal teachers, so that in turn they can become the engineers and specialists of the future.

Participation and involvement are at the core of relations with the personnel and that also means sharing the successes, according to a simple rationale: the more the company wins, the more the employees win. That is how, in 2012 alone, the value of the competitiveness prize given out was equivalent to 20% of the average salary. That is how, thanks to the extraordinary results of the three year period 2010 – 2012, each Ferrari employee received an additional three months pay and the challenge is on again for the next triennium.

Particular attention is paid to internationalism and a multicultural approach, as well as ensuring that it is a match for the best organisations in the world. It is with this aim that, within the Human Resources Department, the “Talent Acquisition & Development” entity has been established to increase the ability to spot the most talented individuals from all over the world.

One of the cardinal points is collaboration with Universities, not just in Italy, but also those from abroad. One example is the relationship with Oxford University where a Ferrari office has been set up within the Begbroke Science Park, where a research group is working on software development and simulation.

Growing together also means stimulating the creativity of the individual. For this reason, programmes have been implemented with the aim of stimulating the development of ideas and solutions to improve the product, the working methods and the working environment.

Pole Position Evo rewards the ideas of the individual: in 2012 over 3000 proposals were put forward with 56% of the blue collar workforce taking part. Pit Stop encourages team spirit and last year, the group efforts of 108 people were recognized.

Uniqueness - People