Formula 1

Never missed

Ferrari is the only manufacturer to have competed in all editions of the World Drivers’ Championship (commonly known as the Formula 1 Drivers Championship) since its creation in 1950. For many years, it has also been the only team to build every part of its racing cars in house: chassis, engine, gearbox, suspension. At the end of 2016, Ferrari held 15 Drivers’ and 16 Constructors’ titles.
It also holds the records for the greatest number of wins (224), pole position (208) and number of fastest laps (237).

A total of 74 drivers have raced officially for Ferrari in Formula 1, 38 of them have won at least one Grand Prix. It should be pointed out that the World Constructor’s title was only established in 1958. Had it been created in the same year as the Drivers’ title, Ferrari would have won it in 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1956, too.


From road
to track

The world of Ferrari Attività Sportive GT, the real competitive essence of the Maranello marque, includes two cars, 488 GTE and 488 GT3, for GT competitions, three one-make series and two exclusive activities such as F1 Clienti and XX Programmes. Competizioni GT caters to teams and individuals wanting to compete at the highest levels in GT championships worldwide.

Corse Clienti offers a track experience to all those very special customers who are not content simply to drive their Ferraris on the open road. It is responsible for the Ferrari Challenge one-make series. It also runs the Corso Pilota, which trains drivers to switch from the road to the track. The special activities of the F1 Clienti and XX Programmes also belong to this division. F1 Clienti provides a few lucky customers with historical Scuderia Ferrari F1 cars, while the XX Programmes focus on extreme models, designed without compromise and for exclusive use on the track.

Ferrari Driver Academy


The FDA (Ferrari Driver Academy) is an initiative aimed at helping develop young talent taken from motor sport arenas worldwide with the aim of training them for a future in F1. Apart from this, there are plans for initiatives based around promotion of motorsport in general, in Italy and abroad: currently being drawn up are partnership agreements to support youth championships in Europe, Americas and Asia. The programme includes also courses of three days each. In these meetings, the young drivers take English language lessons, study mental preparation, are coached in the concept of improving team spirit, physical preparation, as well as undergoing tests on the simulator and on the track.

The aim is to follow the drivers as they progress, not just in terms of their racing activity, but also on the human and professional front. The programme, under the guidance of Massimo Rivola, progresses gradually over several years, starting from kart racing, before moving up through the various lower formulae, before finally making it to formulae that are the nursery slopes to Formula 1.

The ACI-CSAI (the branch of Italian Automobile Club for motorsport activities) plays an important role, working with the FDA through the Federation School at Vallelunga. The training the young drivers acquire is also aimed at producing a positive impact on the work methods that they can apply to the junior formulae in which they are currently involved.

The six drivers in the Ferrari nursery:  Antonio Fuoco, Guan Yu Zhou, Charles Leclerc, Giuliano Alesi, Marcus Armstrong and Enzo Fittipaldi.

Ferrari Driver Accademy