Ferrari Owners' Club Czech Republic

Ferrari Club Czech Republic

Ferrari Club of Czech Republic

The global phenomenon, which is Ferrari, combines characteristics such as history, speed, unique design and popularity. This is how it has earned its absolutely unique place in history. We too are becoming a country where it is not longer a rarity to catch a glimpse of a Ferrari. And their number is increasing as the years go by.

Nowadays, there are more than 300 cars of this make on our roads. It is a huge success that the Czech Republic now ranks alongside countries such as Great Britain, Italy or the United States and in October 2008 the official Ferrari Owners’ Club Czech Republic was founded. The club operates with the direct support of Scuderia Praha, the official Ferrari importer and also with the support of Ferrari S.p.A in Maranello. Welcome and discover the value hidden behind the FERRARI badge.

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the president welcome

Zdenĕk Lepka

The Ferrari Owners’ Club Czech Republic has a very short history behind it, but despite this, it has great ambition to become ranked alongside the important European clubs. Spreading the good name of the Ferrari brand and strengthening of its unique standing is one of the main aims of the newly established official Ferrari Owners’ Club. The Ferrari Owners’ Club Czech Republic was established on the basis of cooperation between the official Czech importer Scuderia Praha and Ferrari S. p.A. in October 2008 and was incorporated into the global network of official Ferrari Owners´ Clubs, which is currently active in almost 40 countries around the world.

Organisation of joint meetings, motoring events in the form of club rallies or visits to racing circuits, holding cultural events together with provision of complex services to all of its members – these are the club’s main activities. Apart from other benefits, through its nature, membership in the club offers Ferrari owners a great number of opportunities to use their car from Maranello and to share the pleasure and passion with other members on many different occasions. This especially applies in cooperation with foreign clubs, in terms of which the club is able to make attractive events of other important clubs in Europe available to its members. Opening the gates to the world of Ferrari to its supporters and fans, without whom we couldn’t even imagine the Ferrari brand, also goes without saying. The club holds events for all of these enthusiastic and devoted fans in the form of open days, the possibility of visiting various motoring events related to Ferrari or interesting competitions for attractive prizes.

We believe that the newly established club is the proper place for all supporters of this legend to be able to share their enthusiasm, passion and joy, which the global phenomenon named Ferrari can provide.


FOC name: Ferrari Owners’ Club Czech Republic
Foundation: 10/2008
Number of members (in 2008): 
U Prioru 1046/1A, PRAGUE 6 160 00 Czech Republic
 + 420602311373
+ 420233312013


President: Zdenĕk Lepka
Vice President: David Kostruh
Board member: Jan Grondol
Board member: Bohumil Pavlica
Board member: Petr Kabat