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Ferrari Automobili Club

Welcome to the Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobili Club page, our Club was established in 1967 as a Ferrari Owners Club only. The original founders were also the founders of the Kyalami Racing Circuit and our History is a long and proud one. We arrange many events during the year from Breakfast runs, trips around the country, Kyalami Circuit, Ferrari Appreciation Events and many more social events. Should you have occasion to visit South Africa please do contact us as it would be wonderful to welcome you and for you to enjoy our hospitality.

the president welcome

Ferrari Club of South Africa

Giorgio E. Cavalieri

Dear Ferrarista,

The role of the Club President is not clearly defined in SEFAC’s Constiution. Many clubs view the President as the principle leader of the club, responsible for the Clubs adminsistration and day to day running.

Others view the Presidents role as the clubs spokeperson and representative and that they should be at the forefront of the clubs strategic planning.

Perhaps my rolelies somehwere between the two. teh day to day running of the club is certainly well managed by our Chairman Barry Simon and his commitee together with our club Secretary Alison Strydom. Many of our committee members and indeed ordinary members perform an admirable public relations rold.

We are indeed in a fortunate position where membership is growing and club sponsorshio is in a strong position. TImes are changing and as such the internet and social media are some of the issues currently being discussed at committee level.

Ferrari and SEFAC were born and forged out of passion, whatever technology may come, whereever the brand may head, whatever challenges we face as a club, my promise to you as President is to be the vanguard of this heritage as we head into the future.


FOC name: Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobili Club
Foundation: 1967
Number of members: 424
Address: 49 Central Street Houghton, Johannesburg South Africa, 2198
Phone: 27 011 483 0007


President: Giorgio E Cavalieri
Secretary: Alison Strydom
Treasurer: Kevin Kwan
Chairman: Barry Simon
Vice Chairman: Paul Kennard
Other members: Peter Angouras, Mark Abrahams, Sakis Bairamis, Clive van Kerckhoven, Gary Watkins (Chairman Kwa-Zulu Natal Chapter), Cilliers Viljoen (Chairman Cape Town Chapter)