ferrari owners club of Argentina

Ferrari Club Argentina

Ferrari Club Argentino

The Ferrari Club Argentino was founded on March 4th, 1999, by José Froilán González, first winner of a F1 GP in Ferrari´s history (Silverstone, 1951) , along with a group of owners and enthusiasts, aiming to encourage interests on the meaning, history and prestige of the Scudería. Our members own both modern and classic cars, so they enjoy the latest versions from the house of Maranello and they preserve and restore Cavallinos from all eras. Restorations inside our Club are carried out strictly following F.I.V.A (Federation Internationale Vehicules Anciens) and F.I.A.  (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) standards.

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We have also a library with books and original manuals and a large collection of scale models, to improve our members knowledge about their cars, satisfying their needs to learn about Ferrari. The FCA works with other owners Clubs in Argentina and rest of South America, trying to achieve each year better activities and events.

President Welcome

NORBERTO BRESSANO - Welcome to the Ferrari Club Argentino!

Our Club was founded by a car racing icon, José “Pepe” Froilán González, first winner of a F1 GP with Ferrari. We host all kind of events each year, such as the Cavallino One Day Rally, the Ferrari Track Day, meetings with other Ferrari Owners Clubs and the Concorso D´Eleganza in Buenos Aires. We invite you to visit our web site: , where we tell everything about our common passion: The Cavallino and its legendary cars.


FOC name: Ferrari Club Argentino
Foundation: 1999
Number of members: 45
Address: Av. General Chenaut 1915 piso 4, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires
Phone: 1147717590


President: Norberto A. Bressano
Vicepresident: Nicolás Pombo
Treasurer: Alberto Feler
General Secretary: Emiliano Rodiño
General Counsel: Mauro Baratta
Web and Communication Manager: Diego Posso