Ferrari Owners' Club Maroc

Ferrari Club Maroc

Ferrari Club of Maroc

The Club Ferrari Maroc was founded in 2008 by both Daniel Marin (first Chairman), and Adil Douiri (first Secretary General).

The Club Ferrari Maroc gathers now about 20 members, owning about 30 cars. It is about 30% of the total number of Ferraris currently registered in Morocco.

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The Club Ferrari Maroc aims at creating opportunities to share our passion for Ferrari in a friendly and casual atmosphere, and also to encourage potential owners to actually own a Ferrari as it provides numerous opportunities to use the car.

The Club Ferrari Maroc takes advantage of what Morocco has to offer : a fantastic landscape with mountains, beaches and desert all at the time, plus a brand new network of highways.

Also, Spain being 15 km away from Morocco, the Club Ferrari Maroc often takes advantage of the 4 main circuits in Andalusia (Jerez, Ascari, Monteblanco, Guadix).

Finally, the Club Ferrari Maroc intends to promote the construction of the first permanent track in Morocco, near the city of Marrakesh.

the president welcome

Ferrari Club of Maroc

Daniel Marin

Dear Ferrari Owners, The Ferrari Owners Club of Morocco (Club Ferrari Maroc) is a young club as our Ferrari enthusiasts association was founded in late 2008 only.Nevertheless, we are fairly active as we are now able to organize about 5-6 outings per year. We are also blessed by a wonderful country, a fantastic weather and a brand new infrastructure of highways.

Morocco is only 15km away from Europe (Spain), so if you feel like joining us with your Ferrari, we would be delighted to host you. We have already organised a very successful joint event in Morocco with one of the oldest Ferrari Owners Club in the world, the Club Ferrari France. To all Ferrari Owners Clubs, should you wish to organise an outing in Morocco, we will be delighted to share our passion with your members and also make sure you have a great experience in Morocco.

Until then, Sincerely yours


FOC name: Club Ferrari Maroc
Foundation: 2008
Number of members: 19
Address: 5-7, Rue Ibnou Toufail, Quartier Palmier, Casablanca 20340, Maroc
Phone: +212 522 98 43 88
Fax: +212 522 98 34 60


President: Mr. Daniel MARIN
Vice President: Mr. Zouhair BENNANI
Secretary: Mr. Elabbès HAKAM
Treasurer: Mr. Adil DOUIRI
Other Board Members: Mr. Max COHEN-OLIVAR