driving courses

A multi-level course for  continuous progress

The Pilota Ferrari course, exclusively available to customers, provides the opportunity to attend various and successive course levels, offering content which is increasingly technical and complex, delivered at the perfect pace, to be tackled using the experience, sensitivity and driving technique acquired in previous courses.


In the
driving seat:
the first step

The Ferrari Sports Driving Course offers a complete, progressive program of instruction focused on giving participants a comprehensive understanding of sport driving techniques. The Pilota Ferrari Sport course is an intensive, tried and tested program of professional ad didactically effective instruction.


Further instruction on high-speed driving

The Pilota Ferrari Advanced Course is a sports driving course reserved for Ferrari clients who have already completed the Sports Driving Course. Participants will learn to drive Ferrari cars to their maximum ability and will acquire advanced skills in fast driving and vehicle control, thanks to more personal instruction and an excellent participant/instructor ratio.


Technical excellence and on-track thrills

The Pilota Ferrari – Evolution Course is a sports/racing course specially developed by Ferrari. Because of the advanced technical content on which the driving sessions are based, the Evolution Course is only open to drivers who have already completed the Pilota Ferrari – Advanced Course.


Ferrari Challenge Course

The highest expression
of driving

The Challenge Course is the toughest of all Pilota Ferrari courses and takes the sports driving concepts developed in the three previous levels to their natural conclusion. It is designed to offer customers a superbly professional and technically evolved service. The theory and practice acquired in a Pilota Ferrari Evolution Course are prerequisites for all aspiring Challenge course participants.


Drive a
Ferrari GTC4Lusso
on snow

Ferrari is pleased to propose its Corso Pilota winter programme: the “Pilota Ferrari On Ice”. The concept of the programme is to provide clients with the unique experience to drive a Ferrari GTC4Lusso on snow in one of the most esclusive and prestigious setting of the Alps: Livigno (IT).

Corso Pilota USA

Ferrari - Corso Pilota USA

Mt. Tremblant

Now available at two premium tracks in North America, Ferrari Corso Pilota is an exclusive two- day precision driving school that allows Ferrari Owners and special guests to experience the performance of a Ferrari in the controlled environment of a race track. Offered since 2006 in Mt. Tremblant Canada and now in Austin, Texas, these courses are based on the Corso Pilota programs available in Italy.

Corso Pilota Limited Edition Monza

Limited Edition

The idea behind the Pilota Ferrari Limited Edition is to allow Pilota Ferrari customers to put their techniques and driving skills to the test on some of the most famous racetracks in the world.
Monza International Circuit was built in 1922, and it is one the oldest of the world’s purpose-built motor racing circuit. The circuit’s biggest event is the Formula One Italian Grand Prix.