Ferrari Corso Pilota Challenge

Course Overview

Challenge Course

The Challenge course is the toughest of all Pilota Ferrari courses, and takes the sports driving concepts developed in the three previous levels to their natural conclusion. It is designed to offer customers a superbly professional and technically evolved service. The theory and practice acquired in a Pilota Ferrari – Evolution Course are prerequisites for all aspiring Challenge Course participants.


Ferrari Challenge Course

the  course

The course program involves intensive use of the 488 Challenge to ensure progressive improvement of driving techniques and performance, both in overall terms and in terms of efficiency. The dynamic program of the course is based on timed driving sessions on the tracknd participants are therefore given the opportunity to become familiar with basic racing techniques. The course therefore offers an exciting and professional experience and develops you as a “real” Ferrari driver.

Participants Instructors and Cars

A maximum of 10 participants are admitted to each course. All participants must have already completed the Evolution Course.

Instruction will be provided by 6 drivers-instructors with extensive race driving course experience. Participants will have the use of six 488 Challenge and two 488 GTB.

Ferrari Challenge Course

Fee and Guest Programme

The course includes two days at the track (including half day of theory), two night’s accommodation at the Grand Hotel Salsomaggiore ***** in Salsomaggiore (Parma), transfers between Hotel/Track, two evening meals, , lunch at the track and personalized Pilota Ferrari Course gifts.  Each participant may be accompanied by one or more companions who will be given the opportunity to take part in a special guest program.

The fee per companion includes the following activites: 2 overnight stay at the hotel sharing room with the driver, 2 dinners, access to the track, lunch at the track, cooking lesson, city tour of Parma, SPA treatment.

At the track participants are required to wear the racing suit, shoes and gloves provided at the Evolution Course. Helmets will also be provided complimentary by the organization.


Circuit of Varano Via Strada per Fosio, 1, 43040 Varano de’Melegari (PR),Italy

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