Insurance Services

The most comprehensive insurance coverage possible


For practically absolute theft protection, a satellite antitheft system is available as either a factory-fitted option or as an aftermarket accessory installed by the official Ferrari service network. This system, which complements the vehicle’s standard alarm system, is approved by the major insurance companies and grants access to Ferrari Financial Services insurance services with extremely advantageous conditions.

FERRARI CAPITAL RISK (insurance product currently available in Germany and Switzerland)
The Ferrari Financial Services Capital Risk suite of insurance products is a truly innovative solution unlike anything else on the market, which has been specifically created to cater for the needs of Ferrari clients.
At the heart of the product, in addition to third party liability, is an insurance policy covering the capital invested in the vehicle and the purchase value of the car itself, which is valid even in the event of accidents in which the owner is responsible.
In the event of an accident, these unique and flexible services are intended to cut waiting times for repair work and, if necessary, reimburse any loss in value.
In the event of a write-off or total loss of the vehicle, the assembly of a replacement new car is fast-tracked to avoid the usual waiting time for a new vehicle.

Contents of the Ferrari Capital Risk service:

• Third Party Liability Policy: Third party liability insurance with 100 million Euro limit of liability;
• Full “Kasko” comprehensive coverage: fixed premium policy, not dependent on existing bonus-malus rating, valid for the duration of the contract;
• depreciation compensation: in the event of an accident with another vehicle in the nation of coverage in which the owner is responsible, the loss in value due to repairs will be reimbursed;
• delivery of new replacement vehicle: in the event of total damage or theft during the validity of the contract, delivery times for a replacement new vehicle will be reduced to 6 months (depending on production times);
• “Kasko” difference (GAP): in the event of total damage or theft, the difference between the new purchase price and the outstanding amount will be applicable (up to 20% of the new purchase price);
• coverage against damage while abroad: enhanced coverage for road accidents while abroad with no excess. In the event of an accident, immediate reimbursement is guaranteed and the insurance company will cover all legal costs incurred;
• extended coverage to include accessories: the insurance policy covers the entire vehicle and all accessories installed within the term of the contract by an authorised workshop or Ferrari dealer.


The client pays a fixed rate for Ferrari Financial Services Capital Risk insurance for the duration of the leasing or financing contract, with no premium increase or bonus-malus downrating in the event of an accident.