Premium Ownership  Program

Ferrari Financial Services has created the “Premium Ownership Program” as a new way to purchase a car with the Cavallino badge, maintaining the value of the car over time and building client loyalty.
The Premium Ownership Program, which has been specifically developed for the current range of Ferrari GT models, includes standard services for financing the purchase cost of the car, as well as additional Premium services tailored specifically for Ferrari vehicles.

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Premium Owneship Program
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The Premium package of services includes:
• A comprehensive range of insurance services, offered in collaboration with one of the world’s major brokers and a leading insurance group, to maintain the value of a Ferrari car over time;
• Ferrari Maintenance Plan services, for the peace of mind of maintenance carried out only by the qualified mechanics of the official Ferrari service network, with realistic costs and certification of all jobs done at the end of the plan;
• Official Ferrari driving courses specifically tailored for each model, to experience the thrill and pleasure of driving a Ferrari in complete safety;
• Maranello Experience, offering a chance to discover the unique character of the factory where Ferraris are made and of the surrounding area at first hand;
• Pit-Stop services, for carefree management of all the necessities associated with car ownership;
• Exclusive LifeStyle services, for living the experience of driving a Ferrari and being part of the Ferrari world to the full;
• The Power warranty programme, offering the chance to extend the original manufacturer’s warranty.

The suite of specific, innovative services offered by Ferrari Financial Services with the Premium Ownership Program is constantly revised to meet the changing and increasingly exacting expectations of Ferrari clients.


Ferrari Select

As exclusive as the brand we represent, Ferrari Financial Services introduces the Ferrari Select Program. Ferrari Select provides collectors of Ferrari vehicles a personalized line of credit designed with the dedicated collector in mind.
The world’s elite Ferrari collections reflect not only their owners’ passion for classic sports and GT cars, but also their devotion to preserving Ferrari’s heritage and tradition.

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At Ferrari Financial Services, we share that passion and stand committed to help our clients grow and enhance their collections. No one understands a Ferrari customer’s unique perspective better than the company that designed these iconic sports cars.

The Ferrari Select credit line is an exclusive offer for Ferrari owners interested in utilizing the equity in their Ferrari collection, whether their goal is to acquire additional Ferrari classic car or simply to provide liquidity for other business ventures.



Insurance Services

Ferrari Financial Services, has developed an exclusive package of insurance services in order to guarantee the maximum protection from the risks related to the storage and circulation of his customer’s vehicles.

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Driving courses

Formula Pilota

Ferrari Financial Services offers clients the opportunity to take to the track in their Ferrari, to get to know it better and experience it to the full.

Clients purchasing their cars with the innovative Premium Ownership Program are given the chance to experience a track driving course with race driving instructors from the Pilota Ferrari team.

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Formula Pilota F1

Ferrari Financial Services clients are offered the exclusive chance to take to the track alongside the official F1 drivers of the Ferrari Scuderia.


Maintenance  Plan

The Ferrari maintenance plan service offers clients certainty and transparency with regards to the cost of regular maintenance for their vehicles, carried out by the official Ferrari service network by specialist professionals.
The cost is fixed when signing up for the service itself, and is included in the monthly financial service instalment.
The programme is managed officially by Ferrari S.p.A., and is monitored to ensure a full service history for the entire lifetime of the vehicle.
An official Ferrari certificate is issued at the end of the contract period. In addition to guaranteeing that all scheduled services have been carried out correctly, this certificate also contributes to maintaining the value of the vehicle itself over time.



An exclusive tour of Maranello and the surrounding area to discover the Ferrari universe: its history, its territory and its people.
During a tour of the factory and the “Galleria Ferrari” museum, an official guide will reveal to clients the secrets of how and where the prestigious cars bearing the Cavallino Rampante badge are born.
An expert Personal Shopper is also on hand to help clients select the exclusive Ferrari products on offer at the Ferrari Store. Additional activities include guided tours to the historic cities of Modena and Parma and an opportunity to taste the typical products of Emilia Romagna.