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The FERRARI DRIVING EXPERIENCE was created for owners to develop comfort and confidence behind the wheel of a Ferrari. A fleet of Ferrari cars — the all-new 458 Italia, FF and California — together with a skilled instructor corps, allow students to narrow the gap between their driving ability and a Ferrari’s potent performance capability.

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Offered since 2006 and based on the Corso Pilota program available in Italy, the FERRARI DRIVING EXPERIENCE is an exclusive two-day precision driving school that allows Ferrari Owners and special guests to experience the performance of a Ferrari in the controlled environment of a race track.

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Students drive the all-new 458 Italia, FF and California on the panoramic and challenging Circuit Mont-Tremblant, a former Formula One venue.

The instructional team is a host of current and former professional racers. Among them are veteran Grand-Am drivers Jeff Segal and two-time Rolex 24-Hour champions (GT) J.F. Dumoulin and Anthony Lazzaro.

During the two day program, students learn various driving techniques including threshold braking, weight transfer, managing acceleration,identifying the ideal driving line on track and discovering the limits of vehicle adhesion in both wet and dry driving situations.

Although the setting is a race track, the FERRARI DRIVING EXPERIENCE is not a racing school. The focus is on learning to drive and control a Ferrari properly and to understand and communicate with the vehicle. Graduates are then better prepared to face challenging driving situations with an enhanced sense of awareness and greater precision.

The school takes a step-by-step approach that starts with an important discussion of vehicle dynamics, or why cars behave the way they do.

Skills are progressively developed before students lap the complete Mont-Tremblant race track.


Two-day program curriculum
$9,700 USD program fee
15-18 students per program
5 star accommodations at the Hotel Quintessence
Vehicles: 458 Italia, FF and California
Photo package
Video package
Event memorabilia
$950 USD includes
Two nights lodging with registered student
Shuttle transfers to/from race track/Hotel Quintessence
Champagne reception and hors d'oevres
Group dinner
Two group lunches at race track
Hot lap of race track with professional driver
Ferrari North America offers Advance level programs for graduates of the Basic level. Like the Basic programs, Advance courses will follow the same curriculum as that offered in Italy by the Pilota school. The premise of the Advance level is to further develop the skills identified in the Basic program, and to provide even greater comfort and confidence at speed. In-depth training, including the use of telemetry analysis, includes theory sessions and involves highly personalized instruction.
Two-day Advanced program curriculum
$11,900 USD program fee and $800 USD damage limitation option **
12-15 students per program
5 star accommodations at the Hotel Quintessence
Vehicles: 458 Italia, FF and California - exposure to the 458 Challenge race car
On-board telemety capture
Photo package
Video package
Event memorabilia


The FERRARI DRIVING EXPERIENCE instructor corps consists of active and veteran road racers and champions. Each offers vast experience drawn from race training and driver coaching, many with Ferrari Challenge race teams.

The group provides individual instruction designed to elevate an owner’s appreciation and understanding of their car, both on track and on public roads.




Located in the heart of the Laurentian Mountains, Le Circuit Mont Tremblant is an ideal setting for a driving school. The 2.65-mile track combines the natural topography of the site with elevation changes from the start/finish line to corner-8 and back.

This is a track that seven-time Formula One Champion Michael Schumacher described as “the little Nurburgring.” The twisty 15-corner circuit was recently upgraded to the standards of the new millennium. While corners have been smoothed, the challenging nature of the track remains.

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the mont

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec is located 90 miles, via highway, northwest of Montreal.

Within a few minutes of the track, the Mont-Tremblant Resort, the alpine-style village right at the foot of the mountain is where you will spend two nights with first class hospitality in the top five-star resort: the Hotel Quintessence.

There are over 100 restaurants and shops in Mont-Tremblant village just a short walk or ride away. You will also have access to a full range of hotel services ranging from spa treatments to personalized shopping tours, to a host of outdoor activities.


Hotel Quintessence is the premier boutique hotel in Mont-Tremblant, offering unparalleled luxury.

The hotel is located on the shores of Lac Tremblant and only 5 minutes away from Le Circuit. The hotel is comprised of 30 luxury suites ranging in size from 700 to 1,726 square feet. It has been designed to ensure that each suite offers a magnificent view of Lake Tremblant.


Wining and dining is a sport of its own at the Q Winebar and restaurant La Quintessence, a four diamond-rated delight. From the majestic wrought-iron gates of the cellar, the wine selection suggests it has been collected over the course of a century. The restaurant features award-winning sommeliers on staff to help select among the 5,000 bottles, according to your mood or company.


Ferrari Driving Experience at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant

120 Ch Seguin

Mont Tremblant

Quebec J8E 1B1, Canada

air travel to mont-tremblant

The Ferrari Driving Experience at Mont Tremblant is located just 90 minutes north of Montreal.

You can easily get to Mont-Tremblant with any flight to Montreal International Airport (YUL) or directly to the new Mont Tremblant International Airport (CYFJ) which is located just 30 minutes from the Ferrari Driving Experience.

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