Passione Ferrari

Passione Ferrari

Performance cars, motor racing and passion for driving are at the heart of Ferrari.

Performance cars, motor racing and passion for driving are at the heart of Ferrari. You can  experience the exciting motor sport action or enjoy the exhilaration of driving your own  Ferrari on one of the 2016 Passione Ferrari events.

Passione Ferrari is an official programme of events dedicated to Ferrari owners. You belong  to an exclusive world, made of privileges and passion, and Passione Ferrari brings to you a  series of unique motor sport and lifestyle events.

Passione Ferrari Events

Selected event packages will also include gala dinner and road and track test drive and  starting from this year, for the first time, there will be Passione Ferrari Rally. So there are many  opportunities to mix with like-minded passionate Ferrari owners in a relaxed environment.  Let our professional team take care of you and enjoy your Ferrari at one of our exclusive events.


Passione Ferrari

The Passione Ferrari programme bringing you the unique opportunity to drive your Ferrari in famous circuits

  • Passione Ferrari takes place over the Ferrari Challange and Ferrari Racing Days weekend and is reserved exclusively for Ferrari owners. Upscale places and exclusive views to the race are available for Passione Ferrari guests
  • Joining the programme you’ll have the chance to drive the new Ferrari models at its best way with our Instructors
  • Vip Hospitality Lounge, other entertainment and Gala Dinner included in the packages.
  • In the occasion of the appointments in Sochi and Hockenheim, Passione Ferrari will offer its clients the opportunity to live a new exciting  side activity with their own car: the Passione Ferrari Rally.

F1 Clienti

The Prancing Horse’s Corse Clienti department is the only programme of its type in the world that can make an enthusiast’s dream of acquiring and driving one of the championship-winning Ferrari single-seaters come true, with the car still maintained by technicians who maintained it during its racing career. For these special drivers, non- competitive events are  organised, which allow them to drive the Prancing Horse’s F1 cars.

XX programme

If owning a Ferrari is a privilege, then owning an XX is pretty much the apotheosis. The intriguing code name is applied to two Ferrari programmes aimed at the most loyal customers. The FXX is  used exclusively on track as part of a specific ongoing research and development programme, featuring the first ever group of Client Test Drivers. Because the car was not designed to meet any homologation rules for road or race use, Ferrari’s engineers had completely free rein to invent and develop innovative technological solutions that otherwise would not be possible if the car had to be designed to meet a pre-defined set of rules and regulations.

Passione Ferrari - XX Programme

The Ferrari Challenge

Trofeo Pirelli is one of the most popular one-make series, in part  because it brings together complete track novices and those who already have competition experience. The former have their own Coppa Shell with a separate classification and final  title, while the latter race in the Trofeo Pirelli, also with a title up for grabs, so as to avoid a one-sided contest and assure a good show, from expert competitors racing at a very high level, as well as gentleman drivers who can thus compete on equal terms. There are three  existing series: the Europe, North America and Asia. The European serie race in some of the  most representative track as like Monza and Mugello.

Ferrari Challenge - Passione Ferrari

Passione Ferrari Events

Performance cars, motor racing and passion for driving are at the heart of Ferrari.