Take a glimpse into the world of Passione Ferrari - the official program of events on circuit dedicated to Ferrari owners and sports car lovers.

Being part of Passione Ferrari means joining an exclusive community of passionate Ferrari enthusiasts, unlocking a series of privileges and a season of unique motor sport and lifestyle events.
Passione Ferrari offers its members exclusive packages to unlock a series of true Ferrari experiences both on and off the track, like the opportunity to watch and experience a very special Ferrari weekend on the occasion of the Ferrari Challenge competitions.
The number of places is restricted and while only certified, unmodified Ferrari road cars are allowed on track, all sports car lovers can enjoy an exclusive opportunity to glimpse into the world of Passione Ferrari.


    Hosted at Ferrari Challenge
    Spain, March 30th – 31st
    Hosted at Ferrari Challenge
    Austria, May 4th – 5th
    Hosted at Ferrari Racing Days
    Germany, July 6th – 7th
    Hosted at Ferrari Challenge
    Italy, September 28th – 29th

Ferrari Challenge

Passione Ferrari will be hosted by the 2019 Ferrari European Challenge series at 3 different circuits, Valencia, Spielberg and Imola, offering you the chance to live it up and experience the thrill of driving your Ferrari on official racing tracks and be immersed in a memorable racing environment.
Over 1000 drivers, many races, and countless thrills, that’s the Ferrari Challenge legacy. Since 1993 the most famous one-make championship has placed dream cars and very special customers on the most beautiful racetracks in the world.

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If you are not content with simply driving your Ferrari on road, and want to be part of high-speed competitive races, this is the perfect outlet. The Ferrari Challenge is divided into three continental series: Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific series. 2019 will also see the addition of the UK series.

Each series is divided into four main categories:

TROFEO PIRELLITROFEO PIRELLI AMCOPPA SHELL, and COPPA SHELL AM depending on the driver’s level. Each race yields four winners, thus providing even more thrills for the fans at the circuit or at home.

Challenge races are always hard-fought and packed with head-to-head duels, providing the driver with all the excitement of the track. Races are completely professional on the technical side and offer the highest safety levels.

The European series is broadcast in over 90 countries worldwide, providing great visibility for drivers’ sponsors.

Ferrari Racing Days

The third round of Passione Ferrari, Nurburgring, will be hosted during the Ferrari Racing Days, one of the most exciting events of the year. All the very best of the Prancing Horse gathers on the same track for this unique event. During this weekend, the track doesn’t just host the Ferrari F1 Clients, but also the cars of XX Program. The public in the stands adds a further bit of excitement for those proud Ferrari enthusiasts who get to be on the track at the wheel of a Maranello car.

Passione Ferrari - XX Programme

XX programme

If owning a Ferrari is a privilege, then owning an XX is pretty much the apotheosis. The intriguing code name is applied to two Ferrari programmes aimed at the most loyal customers. The FXX is used exclusively on track as part of a specific ongoing research and development programme, featuring the first ever group of Client Test Drivers. Because the car was not designed to meet any homologation rules for road or race use, Ferrari’s engineers had completely free rein to invent and develop innovative technological solutions that otherwise would not be possible if the car had to be designed to meet a pre-defined set of rules and regulations.

F1 Clienti

The Prancing Horse’s Corse Clienti department is the only programme of its kind in the world that can make a Ferrari enthusiast’s dream come true. This one of a kind program allows Ferrari aficionados to acquire and drive one of the championship- winning Ferrari single-seaters on the best circuits in the world. This unique opportunity comes with an all inclusive service, with the car still maintained by technicians who kept it in pristine conditions throughout its racing career. For these special drivers, non- competitive events are organized during the Racing Days weekends, allowing them to drive their F1 cars on track.


Passione Ferrari

As a trusted member of Passione Ferrari, you will benefit from a series of packages which offer you the opportunity to experience a variety of driving, sporting and tourist activities.

Subject to the package chosen, the entertainment includes:

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Push your Ferrari and unleash all its power on the best international race tracks. Three slots of about half an hour are reserved to Passione Ferrari members, to practice driving racing skills and enjoy your Ferrari in the safety and exclusivity of a professional race track.
A Ferrari professional instructor will be available for complementary light tutoring during the weekend. Personal one-to-one coaching with a Ferrari professional instructor will also be available upon request throughout the weekend.
Showcase the beauty of your own car during one of the celebratory moments of the Passione Ferrari weekend. The Ferrari Parade will gather all enthusiasts on the track for an emotional lap of honor.
Have fun with non-competitive kart racing and feel like a kid all over again. Clothing will be available on site.
*According to circuits availability


Passione Ferrari

Introducing the brand new ‘Passione Ferrari Clinic’, this new area for all Ferrari Owners will be built inside the Paddock to offer complementary check-ups for your car.

Don’t miss the chance to schedule an appointment with a Ferrari Service Ambassador during the Passione Ferrari weekend to fine tune your Ferrari to optimal peak performance.

Looking for the latest official accessories to treat your Ferrari to something new? On display in the “Passione Ferrari Clinic” you’ll find the latest accessories with the Ferrari Genuine Staff on-hand to answer all your questions.

Hospitality Lounge

The Passione Ferrari hospitality takes you in a totally renovated environment for the 2019 season to allow you to enjoy the spectacle of the track activities in a comfortable and relaxing area.

Located in the paddock, it offers a pleasant relaxed mood, allowing you to experience the full atmosphere of the paddock while you sit back and enjoy all the action on the circuit, which will be broadcasted live.

An Italian best excellence will be serving a gourmet light buffet throughout the day, topped off with an ongoing open bar.

This exclusive area is dedicated to Passione Ferrari guests only.

Saturday Dinner

Passione Ferrari doesn’t simply confine to the action on the track, but proudly sets a new standard of how a racing event can become a true lifestyle experience. This exclusive program reaches its highest level of luxury during the delightful dinners. Organized in an exclusive location with special gourmet menus, they are an opportunity to experience the local specialties of each hosting country.

Each Passione Ferrari dinner will also be accompanied by top level entertainment throughout the night.

A courtesy shuttle will be available for all members to go back and forth between the circuit and the venue.

Passione  Ferrari

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