ferrari atelier

Truly exclusive ,
sophisticated space

The Atelier Ferrari is a special studio to which all of our clients may come to make their Ferraris even more unique and moulded to their personal tastes.  Designed to ensure the client feels absolutely the centre of attention, the Atelier is a truly exclusive, sophisticated space where our guests can create their very own bespoke car with the assistance of a team of experts. Coming to the Atelier is, in fact, a very special experience that will make you feel part of the Ferrari family.

A vast combination of possible colours is possible, starting with a choice of no less than 20 different hues for your car’s bodywork.

You can also choose the style and colour of its wheel rims and combine with them with coloured brake callipers, accompanying them perhaps with carbon-fibre bodywork features. The same applies, of course to the cabin where the choice of materials is extensive. Clients can peruse our large sample book of different leathers and Alcantara® as well as selecting from a variety of carbon inserts and specific paints for various cabin details. There is even a choice of colours for binnacle instruments, seat styles and upholstery finishes.

The Atelier programme also allows owners to choose accessories and equipment designed to make using their Ferrari an even more special experience. These included everything from a powerful audio system to specific luggage sets made in the same leather and using the same stitching as the rest of the car interior.

A silver plaque featuring the owner’s name is perfect finishing touch for any Prancing Horse car too: a way to genuinely put one’s own stamp on one’s Ferrari.