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Ferrari Club Espana

Ferrari Club of Espana

Ferrari Club Spain was established in 1988 as an “exclusive club” for Ferrari owners, and currently has more than 200 partners. Since 2006, our association receives the direct support from the brand Ferrari. Everything was reorganized in accordance with specific standards to the Ferrari Owners Clubs around the world and after that our Club is considered as “Official Club”. Since then, the only official Club of the Il Cavallino in our country as Ferrari Club Spain. Of the year are organized numerous events allowing our members to enjoy the good and friendly atmosphere, to fell the pleasure of driving of ther´s machines in the most charismatic circuits in our country and the most interesting roads, we select routes that pass through the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes of our peninsula.

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Ferrari Club of Espana

Foundation 1988
Number of members (in 2009) 200
Address C/Constancia, 41 Entreplanta, 28002, Madrid, Spain
Phone 0034 91 575 41 60
E-mail President
President Mr. Gumersindo Tito Arias
Vice president and Treasurer Mr. Josep Rodríguez Vilarrasa
Office Manager Mr. Stoyka Popstoyanova
Treasurer Mr. Josep Rodriguez Vilarrasa
Web and Communication Manager Mr. Fede Garcia
Other members for the Board of Directors Nestor Justo Martin, Tomàs Pintos Maestro, Antonio Vidal Gozalbo, Enrique Ramallo

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FOC Spain - 25° Anniversary GTO

FOC Spain - 25° Anniversary GTO

After many months of preparation and with a lot of illusion the inspired organizers put the end of the creation of this expected event. The Ferrari Club Spain was celebrated in the weekend from June 26 to June 28 2009 in Barcelona it was called “25 º Anniversary of the Ferrari GTO”. Thanks to the participation of numerous owners coming with their Ferrari from all Spain, and also from others states such as France or Switzerland or Italy, we had the possibility to enjoy a wonderful Ferrari event that produced a particular international atmosphere, and that certainly many of us, we will remember throughout many years.

The Hotel Arts of Barcelona, it turned into the point of meeting of the participants of the event, who came to the appointment from the first hours of the Friday evening, with his spectacular ones and in the main red mounts, waking up the admiration of the persons who were happening for the entry of the Hotel. The presence of five Ferrari GTO in the parking, is not anything habitual in the concentrations Ferrari, but in this occasion and thanks to the determination of the pilot and Swiss collector, Carlo Perego, we could enjoy besides the presence of a Ferrari 250GT SWB (I happen shortly) of 1961, which his owner brought directly from Maranello, when was this vehicle exposed during these dates in the Galleria Ferrari.

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And for if this was not small, in the late afternoon he was doing her entry to the parking of the Hotel, a spectacular Enzo Ferrari, property of one of our associates, that it raised the well-known commotion of admiration and the frantic shot of the chambers of photos of the public there assembled. A light dinner, though it fills completely of new gustatory experiences in Sergi Arola’s corner, placed in the same Hotel Arts, would put end to the first day of the event, which already it allowed us to enjoy the presence of Leonardo Fioravanti, our guest of honor, for being the maximum responsible Pininfarina’s in those years, and creator of the Ferrari GTO in 1984.

The following day and after a repairer I have breakfast, we go out with the Ferrari towards Púbol (near Girona), with the aim to enjoy a relaxing tourist day, which allowed us to admire part of Salvador Dalí’s work, exposed in Púbol’s Castle, habitual residence of Show his wife, and place where the brilliant painter happened his last days ampurdanés, transformed at present into the Museum Show Dalí.

Finished the visit, the members of the caravan Ferraris composed by approximately 30 “cavallinos”, went towards the Restaurant “Celler de Can Roca” in Girona, where we taste an interesting selection of flavors and textures, created by the prestigious Chef of the third restaurant of Europe and fifthly of the World, according to the known Guide Michelin. Before our return and escorted by the Local police of Girona, we realize in row and to slow speed, a relaxing tourist tour for the city that allowed us to admire the beauty of the principal points of the historical center, simultaneously that we believe with our presence, something of confusion and especially admiration, so much between the transients, since between the persons that they were enjoying the fresh air in the terraces of some cafeterias.

FOC Spain - 25° Anniversary GTO
FOC Spain - 25° Anniversary GTO

The return to Barcelona realized to good pace for the highway, which allowed to come in the middle of the evening to the Hotel, and to be able to enjoy a refreshing rest, with a view to the Dinner that we would celebrate hours later in the “Circulo Ecuestre”, placed in the Street Balmes, near the confluence the Avda. Diagonal of the Barcelona. There all the assistants we could enjoy a pleasant party, in which Leonardo Fioravanti delighted us with several anecdotes and some interesting details lived thanks to his narrow relation with Enzo Ferrari, during the creation and development of the Ferrari GTO.

The first lights of the Sunday Sol, they were giving the welcome to which would be the last day of the event and the one that was creating more expectation, since to 30 present Ferrari in the Hotel, approximately 40 would join more, come from different points of Catalonia and from his neighboring regions, as Zaragoza and Valencia and even, of Andorra, to take part in a spectacular meeting in Montmeló’s Circuit de Catalunya.

To five Ferrari present GTO, they joined to the event one interesting it shows of “cavallinos” that they were representing in his set a significant enough sample of the history of Ferrari, and of the own work realized by Leonardo Fioravanti along the years who worked as person in charge of Pininfarina’s design. Magnificent models of the house Bertone like them 208GT4, joined to precious Dino 246GT, that rivaled in beauty with the 308, 328, 348, Testarossa, F355, or the most modern 360 Modena and Challenge Stradale, and the already legendary 550 Maranello, all of them as if they were trying to be disputed between(among) yes the preferences of the public, with the current F430, 430 Scuderia, 599 Fiorano or 612 Scaglietti, without forgetting to always spectacular F40, F50 and Enzo, that they would accompany on his presence the honored GTO. On the other hand and like detail of interest that allowed us to do comparisons with the Ferrari Gran Tourism of the past, came also, besides previously mentioned 250GT SWB, 250GTO-R, gentility of GT-club, that more than a reply, we can consider it to be a magnificent and precise recreation realized of totally handcrafted form up to in the most minimal detail, of 250GTO of the ex-drums of the group Pink Floyd, Nick Mason, who realized between 1989 and 1990, the renowned specialist Englishman, Terry Hoyle, on the chassis and the engine of a Ferrari 250GTE.

Once assembled all the Ferrari (in a number near to the 70) in a space enabled in the paddock of the Circuit, the fans Ferraris as that came to the appointment, could admire freely the cars, his beauty and his showiness to come out in photographs and to enjoy them closely. In the middle of the morning and thanks to the collaboration of all the assistants, there was prepared the central act of the honoring, which would consist of the accomplishment of three returns to the long tracing of the Circuit, with all the Ferrari of track and rolling in formation of two, moment of that we take advantage to realize a few filming of recollection from all the angles, with several chambers distributed by the tracing and with captures “on-board” from a Ferrari that rolled close to the cars in his returns. Finished this act, which was enjoyed to the maximum by all our associates and proprietary friends, disputed a shift of 60 minutes sole right for the Ferrari, where we could discover several of our associates, to extract the whole quintessence to his “cavallinos”.

Concluded the shifts and with the Sun of midday being too tight of the pretty thing, we move to the Terrace Restaurant of Circuit, where we were waited by a fresh and varied summer food, which each one could enjoy freely thanks to being presented like Self Service.

The 25° Anniversary of the Ferrari GTO was coming to his end, with the tranquility of that we had something that to see in his accomplishment, on having verified that the whole world was going satisfied and happily of the event, on having had lived and shared together a weekend I never praise in Barcelona, in honoring to one of the most beautiful constructed Ferrari, the GTO.

FOC Spain - 25° Anniversary GTO

the president welcome

Mr. Gumersindo Tito Arias

Welcome Ferrari enthusiasts…

Dear Ferrari enthusiasts, It is an honor to welcome you to our club, which has celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013. This along with its 200 members confirms its long and solid path enjoying the passion for Ferrari.

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FOC Spain
FOC Spain

Due to excellent weather conditions, we can use our cars very often and thus organizes more than 12 activities every year. Because of this I encourage Ferrari owners in other countries to join us and participate in these activities.

Best regards,