Satellite alarm system, ADR10 anti-theft system ECU

The Ferrari Genuine satellite alarm system is available as two versions, one with the ADR card and one without. The system with ADR card recognises the authorised driver by detecting the personal card (Automatic Driver Recognition), which is handed over to the customer when the anti-theft system is installed in the vehicle. In the event of a theft, a silent alarm signal is transmitted to the NavTrak control centre to allow localisation of the vehicle. Through its operating centres, NavTrak can track a stolen vehicle 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means that a vehicle fitted with this anti-theft system can be tracked in 42 European countries. The NavTrak system will operate wherever there is GSM coverage.For a complete installation, the Dealer must contact the Service Provider to purchase and activate the annual subscription and request the 2 ADR Cards.