Ferrari’s exclusive Ferrari Genuine accessories programme offers a huge choice of details, accessories and kits conceived and manufactured specifically for cars bearing the Prancing Horse motif.

WINTER TYRES FOR F12berlinetta

Ferrari has developed dedicated winter tyres with a specific compound and tread pattern to provide peace of mind when driving in low temperatures or on wet or slippery surfaces, with the added benefit of significant improvements in braking efficiency.

Made from special compounds specifically formulated for temperatures below 7 °C, these tyres feature a special tread with superior water expulsion capabilities to counter the risk of aquaplaning, and are considered equivalent to snow chains by law. Swapping between summer and winter tyres appropriately as the seasons change not only ensures optimum safety in all weather conditions, but also increases the overall mileage of your tyres.

Visit your authorized Ferrari dealer to find out more about the Ferrari Genuine programme and its exclusive advantages, including a special winter package of wheels and tyres created specifically for owners who accept no compromises when it comes to their Ferrari.