may 2013

Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia 2013

The 1000 Miglia ends where it started: in Brescia. On their way the cars had to conclude some important stages, such as the one passing Florence, where stunned tourists welcomed the Ferraris on Piazza della Signoria.Tourists from all over the world shot photos of the cars from Maranello, forgetting about the sights and the museums. After Florence the cars from the Prancing Horse were on their way to the most important section of the tour, including the Futa and the Raticosa pass: the F40s, F599 GTB Fioranos, 458 Italias and all the others thrilled the spectators on the side of the road.

Thanks to the enthusiastic welcome – similar to the one usually reserved for the Giro d’Italia bicycle race – the participants gave it their all. But the race went on without another break, followed by one of the most significant moments, when the cars passed the Ferrari Works in the heart of Maranello. One car after the other passed the super-modern works to reach the Fiorano circuit, where they went for several laps, delivering a marvellous sight.

Ferrari tribute to Mille Miglia 2013

The supercars from the Prancing Horse from past and present on the track, where the new Ferrari models and the F1 single-seaters driven by Alonso and Massa usually take their first steps, was a unique experience.But Ferrari is not only emotion, passion and tradition, but also solidarity, which was shown when 1,8 million Euros were collected for the families hit by the earthquake last year in Emilia-Romagna. Main part of the money – exactly 1,4 Million – came from the auction of a splendid 599 XX Evo, bought by the generous Californian Benjamin Sloss. Maybe because of this and because of the passion of the inhabitants of Mirandola, the passing of the Ferraris here in the town, where the results of the earthquake can still be seen, is especially exciting. Adults, teens and children welcomed the cars from Maranello in their own special way.

A ceremony concluded the stop in Mirandola, where a flag with the Prancing Horse was placed in front of the still damaged church. In the end the Ferrari Tribute to 1000 Miglia arrived in Brescia in the late evening, where the spectators were already waiting for the grand final: a team from Brescia, with Giovanni Luca and Alessandro Mingotti Giovanni, on board of a Ferrari 458 Italia, was the first to arrived passing in front of the enthusiastic crowd and their relatives.

Ferrari tribute to Mille Miglia 2013

Piazza Loggia, Brescia, Lombardia, Italy


The 1000 Miglia ended where it started: in Brescia. Before arriving in the city in Lombardy the teams mastered important stages, such as the one passing Florence, where numerous tourists welcomed the Ferraris with enthusiasm on Piazza della Signoria.