The Ferrari 2015 Cavalcade – The splendour of Rome

The Ferrari 2015 Cavalcade – The splendour of Rome

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Day 4 – A parade of Ferraris in the Eternal City

Rome, June 30 – The final day of the Ferrari Cavalcade 2015 celebrated the beauty of the Eternal City. The 100 Ferraris left Piazza Augusto Imperatore together to form a parade through the streets of the ancient city, which was celebrating the holiday dedicated to its patron Saints Peter and Paul. Much of Rome came out to watch the dazzling display of cars as it moved its way through the city, on Via del Corso toward Piazza Venezia, up Via Sistina and through the park of Villa Borghese, visiting Piazza del Popolo, driving on Via Veneto toward the Imperial Forum, the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla.


After the parade, the group headed out of town to the Roman Castles and Castel Gandolfo, the papal Summer residence, enjoying a lovely lunch with views of Lake Albano.

To conclude the Cavalcade 2015 a gala dinner was held at the Trajan Markets, where several items were sold at auction to raise funds for the restoration of a Roman monument.Today, the Ferraristas will say their good-byes to the magnificent city of Rome, that was been an incredible host to an unforgettable event.
Waiting for the for the first Cavalcade International, in California from August 10.


Day 3 – Incredible driving on and off the track

Rome, 29 June – It was a calm start to Day Tree of the Ferrari Cavalcade 2015. The group of 100 Ferraristas left Rome during a sleepy Sunday morning, the roar of the engines accompanied by the sound of ringing church bells. First destination, the charming medieval hamlet of Ronciglione, followed by a visit to picturesque Viterbo, known for having one of the most beautiful and well preserved city centres of Italy.


For lunch the group headed to ancient Orvieto, where the Ferraris lined up in front of the majestic Gothic Duomo. But the leisurely pace of the morning was soon a distant memory. The Cavalcade went to the historic racetrack of Vallelunga Racetrack, located 30 km north of Rome, where each participant experienced the adrenaline rush of lapping full speed around the FIA approved track.

Today, on the final day of the Cavalcade, the Ferraris will parade through Rome and head to the Castelli Romani and Castel Gandolfo, where the pope has his summer residence.

On the path of Saint Francis
Day 2 – On the path of Saint Francis

Rome, 28 June – The second day of the Ferrari Cavalcade 2015 was about pure driving emotion combined with breathtaking sites and Italy’s cultural treasures. First on the agenda was the climb up Mount Terminillo, an incredible drive perfect for testing the performance of a Ferrari along winding roads set amidst the lush green landscape.


The Ferraristas took a break at about 1800m altitude where the air was so cool the heat of the Roman summer was soon forgotten. After more fantastic driving on curvy mountain roads in the region of Umbria, the next stop was the stunning town of Assisi, where lunch and a private tour of the Basilica of Saint Francis awaited. After that, the final stop was Perugia, another beautiful ancient town in Umbria.

Today, on Day 3 of the Cavalcade, the Ferraris will head to Viterbo, the track of Vallelunga for speed trials followed by a visit to the charming town of Orvieto.

 Day 1 – Exploring sea, mountains and lakes

Rome, 27 June – Under the cobalt blue sky and the brilliant sun, the Ferrari Cavalcade 2015 set off for its first day of exploring Rome and its surroundings. First stop: the military airport of Pratica di Mare, where the Ferraris were challenged to an acceleration trial. The long, wide runway proved to be the perfect place for the Ferraristas to put their cars to the test. Next destination: Ostia Antica, ancient harbour city of ancient Rome where Cavalcade participants, Ferrari’s best clients from all over the globe, enjoyed lunch by the seaside.


After Ostia, they headed up the Tolfa Mountain along winding roads set amidst stunning Mediterranean vegetation. After reaching Tolfa, the Ferraris headed back down to the town of Bracciano, and finally, on  to Rome, but not before cruising alongside the deep blue waters of Lake Bracciano.

Today, on Day 2 of the Cavalcade,  the Ferraris will go on the path of Francesco D’Assisi to climb up Mount Terminillo and explore the beautiful towns of Assisi and Perugia.


100 Ferraris set to traverse the city and its splendid surrounding area

Maranello, 25 June 2015 – More than 100 Ferrari driven by clients from 37 different nations are now primed to begin exploring Rome and the stunning surrounding area in the course of the fourth Ferrari Cavalcade. The event, which is reserved for Maranello’s most exclusive clients, takes place between Thursday June 25, and Monday June 29, and takes the lucky participants on a voyage of discovery of some of Italy’s most beautiful locations.

Ferrari Cavalcade 2015

The Cavalcade was launched by Ferrari specifically to introduce clients from all over the world (America, Japan, the Middle East, South East Asia, New Zealand) to the most famous corners of the nation and thereby showcase Italy’s excellent art, history, gastronomy and regional specialities. The first edition was held in Emilia Romagna in 2012 while it was the turn of Tuscany in 2013. Last year, the Cavalcade explored the most spectacular areas of Sicily.

Ferrari Cavalcade 2015

For the fourth edition, Ferrari chose Rome, the Italian capital and a timelessly alluring city with an unparalleled historical, artistic and cultural heritage. Participants will be driving their cars along spectacular panoramic roads skirting both lakes and coast. They will also visit some of our most beautiful medieval cities and tackle the historic Monte Terminillo hillclimb. Last but very far from least, they will give vent to their cars’ potential at the famous Vallelunga Circuit. All of this, of course, in addition to sampling the Dolce Vita and spending five days immersed in the magical atmosphere of the Eternal City.

Ferrari Cavalcade 2015

The 100 Ferraris entered for the event include no less than 15 special limited edition LaFerraris. As well as all of the cars in the current range, enthusiasts and tifosi will have the opportunity to admire many of our great models of the past.
This year, the Cavalcade also makes its first foray beyond Italian borders when it touches down in California between August 10 and 14.